Can Satan know the future?


I think satan can know the future because he was an angel??


From my understanding, demons do not possess knowledge of future events. Since we have freedom of will, they cannot predict what choices we are going to make. But since Satan has vastly superior intelligence compared to us, it can seem like he can predict the future by observation and deduction.

Think of a chess game. An experienced player can determine the likelihood of a choice an absolute novice will make, as such they can prepare counter moves well in advance. The same principles would apply to Satan when attempting to derail or ruin a soul.


I think he can, but not because he was an angel. It’s because like God, Satan is outside the stream of time, and can see the past, present and future spread out together like a map or a tapestry. This increases his fury and despair, since he knows he will ultimately be defeated, yet still fights and claws against goodness with every ounce of strength he has.


If this was the case, then why would he have rebelled, knowing that he would fail and be cast into hell and eternal torment?


But he did know! That’s the point, why that rebellion was so terrible. Lucifer and one third of the heavenly host had perfect knowledge of what the consequences of their disobedience would be, yet chose to go ahead and do it anyway, knowing full well they were thus consigning themselves to perdition. This is not so difficult to comprehend as would appear at first glance. Do we not do the same when we commit mortal sin? We know perfectly well that we are separating ourselves from Christ by so doing, and condemning ourselves to Hell, yet we go right ahead, in our pride and our arrogance, and do it anyway. In a sense, every single mortal sin that is committed is a repeat performance of the fall of Lucifer.


Satan has no such attribute, which belongs to God alone.

He knows what’s going to happen through common knowledge as revealed by God.

He has bigger ability than humans physically and supernaturally but he is not God. Nevertheless, he has horde and multitude of demons to assist and spy for him.

Unlike God, he cannot read our mind but he can see and hear us. He knows our strength and weaknesses and exploits them to destroy us.


I agree.

To add to this Satan has had thousands of years to practice on humanity and see what works and what doesn’t.

Think of it like raising your third or fourth child. The first child was tough to figure out at the age of 2. By the fourth child you getting through the terrible twos really isn’t that hard.

Satan has had lots of practice and knows which buttons to push on each of us at just the right time.

Only God is Omniscient.

God Bless


I agree. C S Lewis, in his novel “That Hideous Strength”, had a character who could never conceive of the intermediate category. There could be creatures who are not omniscient, yet have knowledge (and power) on
a far greater degree than we could. But less than God. Also, confer the Screwtape Letters.


It doesnt take clairvoyance to begin to detect behavioural patterns and make predictions from them. A child may at times feel a parent is reading their mind and knows the future because of a difference in knowledge levels of how things work. The concept may be applicable here; give someone a few thousand years of observation and data collection and they might be able to make predictions based on it.


Mark 13:32
But of that day and that hour
knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven,
neither the Son, but the Father.

They say Satan - demons - know us better than our own parents !

I have heard - that evil spirits - can give forewarning - to astrologist -
about future events - and bring them about -
it’s a way of stringing people further into the occult. Tarot cards. Etc


Don’t dialogue with the devil


No. On their own, angels do not have omniscience. Only God does. God allows angels to have knowledge, but that does not imply that they know everything about the universe that He knows, merely by virtue of the fact that they’re outside space/time.


Do you guys mind giving me some related bible verse? Thank you.


Let me begin by saying that everything we believe is not based on “related Bible verses”. The Bible is not an instruction manual with all of the answers, it is just a guide that if interpreted correctly will guide us on the narrow road, if improperly will lead us down the wide easy road. Philosophy plays a huge role in understanding God.

That being said if you want to go with Bible alone then we can see verses that talk about God having future knowledge…

Hebrews 4:13
13 And before him no creature is hidden, but all are open and laid bare to the eyes of him with whom we have to do.

This shows us God cannot become aware of anything not already known to him lest he be imperfect.

Acts 2:23
23 this Jesus, delivered up according to the definite plan and foreknowledge of God, you crucified and killed by the hands of lawless men.

Here St. Peter explains to the Jews of Jerusalem in his first sermon on Pentecost that Jesus’ violent death was not the result of chance in an unfortunate coincidence of circumstances, but is part of the mystery of God’s plan.

So we have verses that speak of God’s foreknowledge but I know of no verses that tell us Satan has foreknowledge.

Hope this helps,

God Bless



What is your evidence for all these assertions?


When Satan tempted Jesus in the desert, Satan apparently did not know how it was going to come out. If he did, he wouldn’t have done it.


This is called negative identification in psychology. If you’re going to behave badly, you might as well be the “baddest” person you can!


No. Satan is not outside time. Satan is evilly wise but cannot actually see the future.


We don’t know how the angles were tested. I think they rebelled rather than disobeyed. My thought is that when they learned God was going to put humans, specifically the Blessed Mother, above them, they rebelled. Their pride just couldn’t stand the thought. They have been trying to drag humans down ever since.

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