Can satan possess us?


I’ve heard people calling everything like yoga, edm and everything that puts you in trance to be satanic. They say when our soul is empty satan tries to possess us. If it was so wouldn’t he have possessed and killed all the humanity. His intentions are something else. i.e, to lure us into sin. He doesn’t want to kill us at once. He want us to suffer in eternity. Correct me if I’m wrong



Wow, giving up after 15 minutes of no responses. I was reading through your old posts. Why the fixation on Satan?



Cz some so called pseudo christians have screwed my brain. they called basically everything sinful. secular music , books, movies & what not .



Where are you posting from? It’s only 7:30 a.m. on the east coast(USA)



Sounds like a fundamentalist sect. Why are you talking to them if they upset you?



cz they are so into convincing me. they’re like i won’t be saved if I keep doing these stuff



Well, the first thing I’d do is erase your second post before you get flagged and suspended. What stuff are you doing? Would you mind telling me your age? You don’t have to be specific; teen, young adult, etc…

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I deleted it. Btw okay I’ll be specific. I’m 20. I do listen to secular music and movies and read books. on a second thought, who doesn’t?.. sometimes r rated movies and songs with parental advisory . they don’t affect me. they’ve never made me sin. as far as i guess… One day one of my south baptist friend told me that these things are sinful. He was so into convincing me. He sent me a video, which was maybe a hoax, in which the guy gets possessed after listening to rap music. after that he quoted Ezekiel 28:13 which says Satan’s organs were made of musical instrument. Then he sent me a video in which the youtuber was convincing the viewers to not watch secular movies and tv shows at all. he had this view that anything that does not take you to god, takes you away from him…



I’m now dubious that if I may do something sinful unknowingly



Ok, so your friend has some silly ideas and you can ignore him. That’s fine. You’re an adult, you can make your own decisions about these kinds of things.



Ok, so I had to go look up that scriptural reference from your friend. Seems his particular interpretation regarding Satan and his musical organs isn’t strongly supported from the context of the scriptural text. There’s also an anti-Catholic reading of that scripture, but I’m not sure if that was what he was implying. Honestly, I think deep down you know this “friend” isn’t much of one and is only trying to tear you down and cause you distress. You can’t commit a mortal sin unknowingly. I find it disturbing that your friend warns you to avoid secular media because it will take you away from God, and then sends you a fake YouTube video.

How is your faith life and what do you do to draw closer to God?

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my faith has been affected. i thought i would become an atheist if i didn’t get help. and guy was telling me that to me worldly things matter that I can’t give them up for god.



The guy sounds like he might be influenced by the heresy of Gnosticism and clearly isn’t leading you to God, so I would ignore him. Do you read the Bible and pray regularly? Do you avail yourself to the sacrament of confession? These are things you can do to build up your faith. It’s true that faith is a gift but you must also reach out and cultivate a relationship with God. Every relationship requires work and needs communication to survive. Talk to God about your doubts.



The First Principle and Foundation by St Ignatius of Loyola really helped me understand how to think about the issues you describe.

Here is one link, with a traditional and a modern translation:

And here is another, with a bit of supportive text and different translations:



That’s what I believe. salvation is a free gift from god @humbleseeker. I don’t trust these heresies. Doing or not doing anything can’t devoid me of getting salvation. I had and will continue now to have a relationship with God. When we believe in Christ and start reading bible, our thoughts themselves start to change. If secular movies or music were sinful. My thoughts about them would have changed. That I shouldn’t be watching them



If one is not in a state of grace, when one has rejected God, without the Sacraments, we are vulnerable to Satan.

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Satan can possess you if you open up that dialogue with him yourself. He does not freely just enter a body.

The physical practice of yoga is not satanic. The mantras, and slippery slope into transcendental meditation are what “opens up the doorways” and thus can lead to possession or unwanted spiritual occurrences.

Believe it or not, my mother in law did this. She’s not Catholic, but Protestant and had taken to going to a cemetery where some of her long deceased relatives are buried. She took photos of the headstones and as her Protestant church teaches, it was perfectly acceptable for her to ask spirits to “involve themselves” in her life and steer her towards God. When you do something as idiotic as that, it invites all spirits, whether good or bad, to latch onto you.

Flash foward about 3 months later, and she told me that she had to stop visiting the cemetery because she was afraid she had “brought something bad home”. Loud thuds, objects falling and moving. I personally witnessed a glass vase on a coffee table flip upside down in the air off the table, totally unprovoked without rational explanation.



May I ask what denomination teaches this? I’ve never heard of that.



In fact, the Church considers visiting a Cemetery an indulgenced act. An act of mercy and kindness, it is laudable.

Visit cemeteries, pray for the dead.

I have researched every Protestant sect and never heard of such a teaching.



They’re Christian non-denominational, affiliated with nobody.

Not sure how close you are to other Protestants, but I know of some that go to churches that not only claim that Satan does not exist, but that Hell does not exist either.

When I pressed on and suggested that Jesus mentions Hell I was told by them “That was a metaphor, Jesus always spoke in metaphors”.


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