Can Satan....

…be in a Church? I’ve always thought (perhaps not rightly) that Satan does not go into a Church because it is God’s house and Jesus is present in the tabernacle?

I know someone who says that Satan is in our Church. They know several people that are possessed and wants the priest to have an exorcism in the Church. Can Satan really be there? The priest will not have the exorcism and said it has already had one after a previous priest left.

I’ve always gone to the Church early to pray, never felt anything but God there. It is a sanctuary for me a safe peaceful place. To say the least after talking with this person I’m rather nervous about it. I’m sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this, I didn’t know where to put it.


good question, didnt one of the popes say that satan was in the vatican?

Don’t be afraid of the devil that way, though to see him i’m sure, as we know from the saints especially, he is frightening to see, but what i mean is, even if he can lurk inside our churches, he has no power before God, he wants to scare you, but he can never take from your what really matters, which is your immortal soul,

but honestly, if he is in the Church, don’t let that distress you, because if that be the case, we must understand that it cannot be unless God allows it, and God would not allow it unless there were some good to come from it, though we may not understand it now, it will become clear at some time or another. and in the meantime we just have to trust that God knows what he is doing…although that does not mean we should not be concerned with any evil in the church or outside of it, of course we still must pray on it and do what we can to spread Gods goodness and love, but what i mean to say is, if God allows it, then we should not fear.
though feeling fear and acting on fear are two different things, we cannot always help how we feel, but we can, by the grace of God, keep our actions in check despite our feelings.

so…with that being said, i would say that yes, he is in our church, but he is on a leash, and God is in control.
though perhaps it might be easier to understand if i explain it this way - although it is Gods church, the devil is still prince of darkness, and rules over those who let him, and there are many within the Church today who are very mislead and misguided, who do let the devil in, and who can keep them physically from entering the church?
and spiritually speaking, the devil can go into churches, we know because even in church we can be tempted to sin, and personally, though i don’t expect to be believed, i have heard the devil inside church before, hoofed feet walking on the hard floor…very frightening, but the devil is a coward himself, he tries to scare us because he himself fears us, not because we have any power of our own, but because we have Jesus in us, and He has more power than the devil.

well i dunno if any of that makes sense, but i hope it helps anyways,
take care :]

I would argue that satan is within each and every one of us. Not in the same sense that the Holy Spirit resides within us. But we all give in to satan all the time. What do you think sin is? Giving to satan and darkness and depravity what should have been avoided or reserved for God. By sinning we separate ourselves from God and walk ignorantly, sometimes arrogantly (at least myself), into Satan’s arms. I would say it’s more than likely that satan is in the Church. Look at what he’s done to all the protestant and non denominational groups? He has deceived over thirty thousand plus denominations over the word of God. Satan will never have the power to make the Catholic Church teach error but that’s not to say he can’t cause scandals (through us by our actions). Christ obviously foresaw this, knowing our fallen nature, thus we have the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We cleanse ourselves of our sins and then receive the Lord in the Eucharist every Mass to strengthen us to fight off Satan and the world. To give up everything for Christ just as He gave up everything for us.

Thanks to all of you for your responses. Thanks for your perspective, it helps. I’m not so scared. I do keep the faith, receive the Sacraments, trust in Jesus and love God with all my mind and all my heart.

     If the priest meant that the other priest who left was the exorcism in come type of convention of speech that is one thing.    People don't become possessed by infestations.

     If  someone has performed occult rites or practiced some sort of grievous sin with the mindset to dishonor God and glorify the enemy in Church,  there is a possibility of demonic infestation.

     Here a spirit of confusion and fear could  reign over some people.   We have to trust the discernment of the current  priest .   He could say the exorcism prayer of Pope Leo XIII; but he should be doing this for his parish already though.


No occult rites have ever been performed there, nor any sort of grievous sin with the mindset to dishonor God and glorify Satan. Nothing of this sort at all!!

The real question is why would satan want to be in a church? Thats probably the last place he’d want to be, in my opinion.

Well, there are several different ways to define the church. Three, I believe.

Do you mean church as in the building, the church? Of course he can wiggle his way in there, although it’s a house of God, it’s still a building!

Do you mean church in the ecclesiastical sense? The calling out of people for a specific purpose? Yes, he can also wiggle his way into there. He likes to pretend to be good, after all (angel of light, anyone?)

Now, do you mean the one true Church of God, the one that the gates of Hell can never prevail against? I shall answer with the obvious answer: no. He can only try to destroy it. He’ll fail miserably, but at least he tried. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that Satan can certainly enter a church.

Job 1:6 - Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them.

Satan and God are not exactly enemies. God destroys his enemies with a breath. Satan is our adversary.

When your pastor said that there was an exorcism after the previous priest left, was he referring to the other priest as the devil?

I would be more concerned about the possessions than an infestation in the church. Both warrant attention.

Yes, he can enter a church, though being in Christ’s presence is incredibly painful to him. I know of a church that had to have an exorcism done. :eek:

Concerning the possessions. It is my understanding that Satan possession of a person as in the type where an exorcism needs to be performed is actually very rare. I’m beginning to think that rather then seeing Jesus in people this person sees the evil in them; they claim to know several ‘possessed’ people. I’ve concluded that prayer in this instance is needed everyday for them and for my own peace of mind as well.

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