Can scrupulous people switch Confessors/Spiritual Directors?

The reason I’m asking this is because of the distance between me and my Spiritual Director. I feel that it is inconvenient that because I’m in Singapore and he’s in New Zealand (he used to be in Singapore) so the only way I can contact him is through messaging. He’s a busy Priest so it usually takes awhile for him to reply. Him being overseas also means that I cannot have a face to face conversation with him so I can only speak with him through text/email; the problem is that I cannot clarify all issues directly with him through this and the doubt that goes on in my head as to how I have to act is causing me severe anxiety, such that I feel that I’m sinning if I don’t do a particular action “now”.

Therefore, I’m thinking of getting a Spiritual Director/Confessor here in Singapore so that I can speak with him face to face and possibly meet up weekly to clarify issues.

However, are we allowed to switch Spiritual Directors/Confessors?

You have already been advised by a priest not to post these compulsive scrupulosity issues on CAF.
Just ask your confessor.

One more thing…
just ask your Confessor.

God bless.

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Of course, it’s impractical to continue as you are. It was kind of him to continue w you over the distance. Text him and ask him what he thinks.
God, Love and guide scrupulous. Lead her to Your WISDOM.
In Christ’s Love
Jeremiah 29/11.
Ephesians 3: 14-17(?) Paul’s prayer for the church (you).

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