Can sin cancel out prayer?

Right now I am praying for something that is very important to me. Unfortuenatley, I also have a sinful habbit that I sometimes have a hard time controlling. Ever since I started praying, this habbit has diminished greatly, but hasn’t completley stopped. Whenever I do it, I feel guilty, and then ask god to forgive me for it.

Will this cancel out my request to God? Does God care more that I am believing and having faith than he does that I occasionally have moments of weakness? Last time I started doing it, I thought to myself “I really shouldn’t be doing this. There’s still time to stop myself…”, but I was too weak to stop it…

Each time I do it it gets farther and farther apart, so I guess I am making some progress. Also, often, when I pray, I still feel him telling me that everything is going to be alright, and that he is going to grant my request when the time is right. I’m just worried that that I might do something to blow it. Or, since he already promised me anyway, does that mean I don’t have anything to worry about?

I am really trying my best to stop.

No, sin does not cancel out prayer. If it did, heaven would be a very quiet place.

Sin can increase our separation from God, but the movement is always from our side. Our guilt and shame (or anger, greed, stubborness, etc.) prevent us from approaching and accepting God. He does not withdraw from us.

Keep praying. If you are troubled by doubts, you should consider discussing the situation with a trusted spiritual advisor.

I am confident that you will be able to work through this issue because I know how much God loves you, and I can tell that you feel that love, and return it. Our relationship with God is not built in one day or resolved with one prayer. Just like our relationships with each other, we have to keep working at our relationship with God everyday. The big advantage with God is that you know He will be there when you are, he won’t stand you up.

Keep the faith and keep praying.

Thanks, that’s just what I needed to hear :slight_smile:

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