Can sister stay?


our beloved sister/principal is being reassigned by mother superior. is there anything that can be done to keep her?


Is she the principal of your school, is that what you’re saying?


certainly write the pastor, bishop and especially her superior to give your good comments about her, she deserves to have that appreciation made known, but be aware it is probably because she is so good she is being assigned somewhere they need her even more than you do. Then work on being welcoming and cooperative with the new principal.


A few years ago our Mother house decided to pull all nuns from teaching positions and put them elsewhere around our diocese. That is all except at our parish school. We were very thankful that we kept our religious. I believe we did alot of letter writing and showing our appreciation even before this decision so it can’t hurt…


A religious is bound by a vow of obedience to the superior of the order. You may petition a superior, but do not expect that your protests have not been anticipated.



We had a similar situation with our former chaplain (military hospital chaplain). He was a wonderful priest who was being reassigned by his superior (he was a Jesuit) and one of the chapel members told Father she was going to get up a petition to ask the superior general of the Jesuits (I think that’s the title) to let Father John stay where he was. Father immediately looked pained. “Please, don’t,” he said. “I’m bound by a vow of obedience to my superior and it wouldn’t be right for me to even think of not obeying, much less allowing you to put pressure on him to keep me here. The Lord knows what he’s doing.”

We hated to see him go, and we hope he is happy in his new assignment, and we have been blessed tremendously with our new chaplain. Everything happens for a reason.


Is it possible that she feels a calling elsewhere and asked to be moved?


We have had a similar experience but yet different. But the bottom line is that we realized that God is in control.

In the spring before my last year of college (I would need to attend summer term and full time in the fall & spring semesters)my dh got orders for Korea (at the time it was a 12 month tour). We had 2 young children, dd1 in kndergarten and dd2 not in school yet. We were 7 1/2 hours from family support. Finances were another issue, his income would decrease by about $200 a month. I was in a panic-how could I manage that? Often times my clinicals were evening shifts, when daycare closed at 1730. The key to my problem was I thought “I” had to handle it.

But God was in control. We were attending collective protestant services at the time (just to show you how much God is in control) and in service just a few weeks after he got orders the entire homily was on the fact that God does have control, in the chaplains exact words “even of the ARMY”. I know you’re probably like ‘well duh’, but even I knew God had control of ‘everything’ but somehow didn’t realize that the army was part of everything until then.

That realization gave me a peace that I can not describe.

Dd1 came down with chicken pox the Friday before my spring finals (they were on Monday) daycare doesn’t take sick children, but God worked that out.

Dh wasn’t due to get back from Korea until the day of my graduation ceremony, I would have to miss it to pick him up from the airport. God worked that out too-my family was travelling to come to my pinning/candle lighting ceremony and graduation, seperately, cause my Dad was travelling off the path to us to see his brother and parents along the way, which put him close to the main airport that dh was coming into the country via. My dad picked dh up from that airport and dh was able to be there for both graduation and pinning.

I have been so thankful for the peace that came with that many times since, especially when my younger brother died in his 20’s and then during the deployment to Afghanistan that dh just returned from this past Feb. That was a very difficult time for our family, we suffered several tragedies the 15 months he was gone. I just knew in my heart that God has us in His pocket and whatever happens happens under His control. It has enhanced our lives in so many ways.

So I’ll say-God is in control, even of the ORDER. There is no way yet to know the blessings you have in store through the new principal, or the blessings that the current principal will receive or be a part of giving in the place she goes to next.

All things work together for good for those that love God. quote from the bible (maybe paraphrasing) can’t remember the book/chap/verse.

Prayers for blessings on you, your principal and your school


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