Can Sola Scriptura change?

How do you define Sola Scriptura? Can Sola Scriptura change?

There is no firm definition of sola scriptura that all sola scripturists accept.

This is because the correct definition of sola scriptura does not exist in the Bible.

Thus sola scriptura = relativism, and it can change.

As someone said in a previous post concerning Sola Scriptura: it is a Bible sitting on a bookshelf by itself.

As soon as it is opened and read by someone it is at that point no longer Sola Scriptura.

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So, how does a bible alone person dispose of an old bible that is falling apart? Where does the bible tell us that answer?

In Judaism, for example old scrolls are stored in a room in the synagoguge to be given a proper burial, but this is based on tradition of the elders.

Hi all. Thanks for posting. So far we seem to have Catholic points of view. I would like to know how various Reformers define SS and if it can change. Any thoughts on this out there? Thank you.

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