Can some one help me


i was broght up a catholic and i now have two daughters aged 2 and 7 i lost my mum 5 years ago and i still resent mysellf i should have been there however i was not should i deny my oldest daughter her birthright faith who is 7 help me i help me


James. Welcome to the Forums!!!

Where’s your nearest Church? I’d advise you to go visit there, and sign your children up for CCD. They probably have an adult RCIA program that would help you out a lot.

The funny thing about RCIA, after finishing it, you’ll probably be more knowledgable than 2/3 of the parishioners.

Good luck and let us know what you decide to do!!! And don’t worry, you can still be a Catholic even if you don’t understand all the teachings!!! Just keep your heart pure and try everything to help your daughters learn about their faith!!!


I would echo what NotWorthy said with an amen too.

I can sympathize. I had lost my father to suicide when I was 12 and it really left many questons for me to deal with-- some of which took years to resolve (and some I am still figuring out).

You should bring your children to Church to allow Christ to come to you again. He will help you and your daughters through the people you meet there. :slight_smile:

PS: Don’t be afraid to request prayer here…


Amen! There’s nothing you have done that hasn’t been forgiven before! So go for it!


Might I ask why you would want to deny her such a gift?


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