Can somebody explain to me what is going on in this Christian video?


How come Christians go into convulsions and dance around at Church?


I have no idea what this is. I’ve wondered about this sort of nonsense before too. From what I can tell they are working themselves in to a state that is like a fit.

This sort of behavior is done by a very very small percentage of Christians… way less then 25%… i hope very close to zero.

I have no doubt that the Catholic Church considers this heresy.


Umm thats Benny Hinn he is a faith healer and he is dont know the exact term but when he points at a person he is releasing the Holy Spirit on them. The power of the Holy Spirit is so strong that they fall down.

He has a book a friend lent me I have not read but its entitled Good Morning Holy Spirit. To be fair they did splice a bunch of footage together with a knarley soundtrack so it comes across more dramatic. Watch his show I guess if one wants to see a better respresentation rather than you tube :rolleyes:

I just say that because Catholics dont enjoy being classified so I guess fair is fair. But as for me I cannot decide about Benny. He seems sincere, but that whole falling down thing. I had my charasmatic friends church pray over me and they kept positioning to catch me, but I didnt.

Who knows maybe some of us feel God different, some are reserved, some quiet. some clap, some jump, some faint, I dont know.

And the healings, I was watching some show on tv and they were interviewing Benny and they asked him why do some healings not stay with the person? He said You know Ive wondered that, I think . . . . then it cut him off to elaborate on what nut jobs christians were :mad: whether I agree with Benny or not I would have liked to hear his response rather than the so called reporter getting out the christian pinata and beating it. anyway, thats what I know, dont know if it helps. :slight_smile:


Benny Hinn makes about 100 million a year doing his road show. I’ve read stuff about how he manipulates the show, sets people up to ‘heal’ etc.

IMHO he just hurts Christianity.


Suppose you explain what you think is bad about it?

I am no fan of Benny Hinn, but I have no objections in principle to dancing around in church.



I can’t see anything from the link. But anyway i didn’t see any dancing when he came down in Apr for healing crusade in my country. All the pple just sit quietly and listen…no dancing…we only clapped to praise God that’s all…

I guess that is how different christian react from another part of the world


Oh really, i wonder why the American hates him so much. We Asian love him so much, becoz we don’t care what he have done in the past, we only concern what he can do to help others.


Here try the link now…

It showes people lots of people falling over backwards flat on their back on the floor. People who like like they are having convulsions on the floor.


It’s not his past I was talking about… the man makes $100 million a year by convincing people that he can heal them. I’ve seen reports about those he ‘healed’. They were not healed they either died of their illness or still have it. he’s a fraud.


Wasnt Hinn convicted of Fraud in Canada?
I vaugely recall some scheme he cooked up that involved buying a plane and some other nonsense.

I dont see why anyone takes him seriously. His ideas about Christ are a bit strange too, I think he has a unique idea about the Trinity that renders it to not be a Trinity too.:shrug:

He was a Christian early in life, but I dont know if he really can be called one anymore based on his ideas now…

Guess I better find the statements he made about his version of a Trinity that is not a Trinity.


Hi Kitty,

I used to watch, and like, Benny Hinn. But I was disturbed when I heard reports that he had prophesied certain things, and these things did not come about.

He claims to be a prophet, or have the gift of prophecy, but it was false and scripture tells us what we should do about false prophets.

I did read his book, Good morning Holy Spirit, before becoming Catholic. I really liked it. But I could not in good conscience recommend you to read it.

Here is a link to some of his false prophecies

God Bless,


I don’t hate him. I have read his books, attended one of his rallys, and used to watch his show regularly. I would do so today if he were not a false prophet.

Benny Hinn - A false prophet.


Some of the things they list, I do not believe belong there as false prophecy, since Hinn used words like “may be”, but others, seem more clear cut.


I would need to see a quote by him to back this up. When I read him and watched him, he did not seem to have a unique idea about the Trinity. He was unique in the Evangelical arena because he did not just focus on Jesus, but paid attention to all of the Trinity, especially the Holy Spirit.

God Bless,


“Each one of them is a triune being by Himself…there’s nine of them” (Benny Hinn, TBN, 3rd October 1990).
“God the Father is a person separate from the Holy Ghost. Totally separate. …Do you know that the Holy Spirit has a soul and a body separate from that of Jesus and the Father? …God the Father then is a triune being within Himself. He’s a person, He has His own Spirit, He has a soul. …A soul is my intellect. …God thinks. …separate from the Son and separate from the Holy Ghost. …God the Father is a separate individual from the Son and the Holy Ghost, who is a triune being who walks in a spirit body and He has hair…has eyes…has a mouth…has hands” (Orlando Christian Centre, Oct 13th 1990).

Trying to find more…


While I already weighed on my opinion of Benny Hinn in particular, what yoa re seeing is not dancing.

If it were real, people are falling down and being “slain in the Spirit”.

In scripture, we see that at Pentacost, some thought they were filled with “new wine”. This is what people of this ilk believe is happening. Since I believe Benny Hinn is a false prophet, I do not believe you are seeing the work of God, but of Satan.


This is sad folks., read this from amywelborn’s blog.:frowning:


I think part of the Protestant fascination with him, is he left the Sacramental Church - he was raised Orthodox.

I went once, some friends talked me into going, they sat there just talking away about a bunch of nonsence - seriously nothing to do with faith in Chirst - then Hinn said, ‘Oh the Holy Spirit is here’ and they started doing whatever. No praiseing, no nothing, just sitting and talking. I was not the least impressed.

I have seen much greater and profound healings in our own Churches and conferences.

If you desire some ‘type’ of conference then go to the Franciscan Univeristy of Steubenville’s Summer Conferences and really be blessed.


Gosh. Sounds almost Mormonish.

Never a moment in my life, even during my Protestant years, have I ever seen B. Hinn as anything but a huckster. I take great pride in that, considering that I’ve fallen for just about everything else!

I’ve noticed that in recent years he wears a jacket with an almost-Roman collar, as if to present himself as an almost-priest.

Does anyone know what nationality he is? The accent is strange.

Seems like I recall seeing him with one of his siblings, a brother, who I believe also practices the same sort of con game.


I dont have enough time to watch this one, but it looks like a must see I think its 40 minutes long though.

Anyone care to watch it, let me know how it was.

I am afraid to ask kind of.


Thanks for the link. Although, I did google him for I wished a reference as to when and where Benny Hinn said this. (It is what I would demand for what people say a pope or the Church said, so fair is fair;) )

I found that these statements were in his book, although I can’t say I recall ever reading it:shrug: As well as on a show.

Benny Hinn
The Christian Research Institute became especially alarmed by Hinn’s references to the Godhead that seemed at best unorthodox and at worst heretical. On both his television program and in his book, Hinn asserted that all three persons of the Triune Godhead have their own independent bodies, souls, and spirits, as well as wills (10/13/90, TBN).

What alarmed most critics of Hinn is his statement that “there are nine of them [Spirits of God].” Some took this to mean that there are nine persons, which is not what Hinn was saying. “Nine of them” referred to the separate elements of the Trinity: three bodies, souls, and spirits.

And this which brings up the specific quotes from the book

Christian Research Institute Journal

Frankly, for me, the thing that I remember from reading the book was not the "9 persons’ thing, but it really made the Holy Spirit a person to me. God the Father, and the Son AND the Holy Spirit. I think I viewed the Holy Spirit as more of a force than the third person of the Trinity.

But even so, I could not recommend the book today.

Again, another source for the false prophecies of Benny Hinn.

Spirit Truth Ministries

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