Can somebody help me with this kid?

Very asserting in his claims that Catholicism is satanic.

There’s so much here, I can’t get into it all. To begin with, he’s misconstruing Clement XI. See Jimmy Akin’s treatment of the statements at

In short, Akin points out that the condemnation only means that the statements are unfounded, for one or more reasons. Here, we see that the condemnation of the statement “Bible reading is for all” may only be construed to mean that, for some, (personal) Bible reading may be dangerous. For instance, if one is not prepared for the reading, he will not be able to understand it – and may, in fact, misunderstand what he reads! An example of this is found in Scripture! In Acts 8, the Ethopian is reading the Scriptures, but is not comprehending. Philip asks him, “‘Do you understand what you are reading?’ He replied, ‘How can I, unless someone instructs me?’” In other words, Scripture reading wasn’t for the Ethopian up until that moment – without proper instruction, he couldn’t hope to gain anything from it. Therefore, the statement is true on its face, and corroborated by Scripture. :wink:

I’m pretty sure that that clown tried posting that tripe here and got banned for it.

I don’t know why you let yourself get dragged into stuff like this. I have seen so many baseless lies and specious false attacks on our most holy faith that I have learned that some of them are nothing but a wast of time because it’s like trying to refute a work of complete fiction.

My answer is always “prove it” and then walk away as they sputter their protests, because the fact is that they can’t.

Yes, we can help you;: stop going to You Tube and looking up nonsense.


There are so many wonderful pro-Catholic YouTube videos, why not fill your heart and spirit with them instead of things that take you away from our faith?

Im not going to waste time watching it, but I have heard this claim before and , at first, their argument does sound legit, as in the bible, it clearly says he will send a great delusion, and alot of people will be fooled, so they use this statement to their advantage, they claim the delusion is Satan,(the morning light) is in fact God, and the ‘god’ catholics and other religious groups worship, is actually a being of evil, in other words, God is actually Satan and Satan is actually God, and Satan has ‘fooled’ a majority of the people into believing in the wrong deity.

Its not a new theory and comes up here and there, plus they try every possible angle to argue this theory.

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