Can somebody help

Latly now I have been down in the dumps becuase i’m 29, i have no friends, no girl friend or somebody that i would maybe one day marry, I still live at home and spend all of the time with my parents. I have a job which I have been doing since I was 16 and feel that i’m stuck their. Well in short I feel My life has been the same in the last 10 years when everybody else are experince things that i want to as well but am not.

Today I was saying “MY LIFE IS NOTHING” to my mother and at the same time thinking of GOD or know he is hearing me say this.
Have I commit mortal sin by saying this and knowing God can hear me.



Is there a Community College near you? You might look into taking some classes. Even if it’s just one course per semester, it would get you out of the house, help you meet new people and maybe give you something to work towards. That is, getting a diploma. The training may also help you get a different job. :thumbsup:

Hang in there. Life can look very dark sometimes but we always have Jesus there with us. It’s not always easy to remember but I try to think about the " footstep" poem.

You are crying out with all your heart in prayer to your Heavenly Father - this is good and shows that you can’t do anything without His help. Now that you are open to the grace and blessings that God would like to bestow on you, you need to participate.

Tell God how much you love Him and tell Him that you love that He loves you no matter what and that you love that God is not done with you yet. Pray for God to send His Holy Spirit to help you as you discern which path to venture out on.

Get online and look at some Adult Continuing Education classes that are offered at your local college or perhaps at a technical center or local high school. What are you interested in? Don’t be afraid to try new things. I have seen miracles happen in peoples lives that were very similiar to yours through prayer and trust in God.

Perhaps go to a Bible study. You are in my prayers.

Sometimes life is like a ‘fixer upper house’ you just bought. There are so many things that require attention, one hardly knows where to start fixing it up. And you know it is going to take a long time.

But, in ten years, you will be 39 with or without the effort to fix it up. So JUST START working on some aspect and let time be your ally. None of us achieve a ‘perfect’ life, but with dilligent work, life can be much better.

First things first. God always comes first. Mass every Sunday, more if you can, Frequent confession. Time for prayer everyday. We have to make the effort to keep our heart and mind OPEN to God.

Second, IMO, we must generate our own POSITIVE ATTITUDE. People get turned off by those who constantly whine. People respond to those who display a positive attitude. Given that we do have God First in our life, developing a positive attitude will become easier.

Third, get a better education. I went to night school at the local Community College for years. It took a lot of effort, but I devoted the time and studied and I got my Associates’ Degree in 9 years and eventually my Bachelor degree 22 years after I took my first course. The more I learned the better I felt about myself and my prospects.

God First. Positive Attitude. Best efforts over time. Life is indeed a journey. An adventure.


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