Can somebody please clarify Mary's promise at Fatima for me?

I’ve consecrated myself to Mary, and plan on starting my “First Five Saturdays” tomorrow. However, I still don’t fully understand the requirements that Mary listed:

  1. Confess my sins
  2. Receive Holy Communion
  3. Recite 5 decades of the Rosary
  4. Spend 15 minutes with the Blessed Mother by meditating on the 15 (or 20?) mysteries of the Rosary.

#4&5 are where I’m confused. I thought you meditated on one mystery for each decade. Does this mean pray 15 decades, even though she only said 5?

And furthermore, MUST I receive Communion on saturday? I don’t have daily Mass on saturdays at my parish, only the “sunday” mass at 5 pm.

Mass on Saturday evening in anticipation of Sunday is still Mass on Saturday, no problem, a wedding or funeral Mass or any other Mass any time that day would also “count”
4 & 5
you pray a 4 decade rosary, and spend an additional 15 minutes meditating on the mysteries (not necessarily each and every one but usually the ones you have prayed or are praying) the point is to medidate, not just recite unthinkingly. Mary’s message to the children about praying the rosary was about praying it meditatively and thoughtfully, not carelessly

So to make it easy, could I just pray 15 decades? I meditate on the mysteries while I am saying the Hail Marys. Isn’t that what you are supposed to do?

I meditate on the mystery for a few seconds before I start the Hail Marys, and continue to meditate as I recite them. That’s how you do it, correct?

"I promise to assist at the hour of death with the graces necessary for salvation all those who, in order to make reparation to me, on the First Saturday of five successive months, go to confession, receive Holy Communion, say five decades of the Rosary, and keep me company for a quarter of an hour, meditating on the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary.”

One says the five decades with meditation on five mysteries, and in addition 15 more minutes of meditation on the 15 mysteries:

Finding Jesus in the Temple
Agony in the Garden
The Scourging
Crowning with thorns
Carrying of the Cross
Crowning of Mary

You can read and reflect on these biblical quotes, one minute per mystery:

More on the 5 decades and additional 15 minutes is here:

I know the mysteries by heart. I just wasn’t sure HOW to meditate on them in the way that Mary said to. So it’s one minute for each mystery? What about the luminous mysteries that were added recently? Are those required or optional?

I just think about the mystery, that’s how I meditate. I often think, what happened on that mystery, who are the people in that mystery, why did that mystery happened, and what’s special about that mystery. Sometimes, I even picture the mystery on my mind. Another great way is reading the Bible about these mysteries.

I don’t know if it’s require or optional to include the luminous mysteries, but I include them.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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