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I was looking at youtube videos about the Pope. I came acroos one made by a Baptists preacher John MacArthur. He says many things that I know are not true about the Pope and the church in a negative way. One thing he says is basically that the Church holds Mary up over Jesus and God. I know this is not true but I have debated it someone on the site and he has said that the lats two Popes have said that they have comiiteed the whole world to Mary. I have been asked to disprove it. This is a hard thing to disprove. Can anyone tell me if they did say this and what was the actually meaning if they did. Thanks.


Here is the link where you can find more detail on Pope John Paul II’s Entrustment to Mary, which was in response to her request at Fatima.

In order to respond more fully to the requests of “Our Lady”, the Holy Father desired to make more explicit during the Holy Year of the Redemption the Act of Entrustment of 7 May 1981, which had been repeated in Fatima on 13 May 1982. On 25 March 1984 in Saint Peter’s Square, while recalling the fiat uttered by Mary at the Annunciation, the Holy Father, in spiritual union with the Bishops of the world, who had been “convoked” beforehand, entrusted all men and women and all peoples to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in terms which recalled the heartfelt words spoken in 1981:

I read elsewhere, if memory serves me, that Pope Pius XII had also done this, but not as formally as JPII. EWTN showed a film on this a couple weeks ago showing the actual ceremony.

It disturbs me a lot that John McArthur is so anti-Catholic. I had heard a couple of his radio broadcasts prior to knowing his extreme prejudice, and after discovering it, that was the end of my listening. Such hatred!


Lord help me…this thread cannot be real! why is it that all non-Catholics believe everything they read and watch on the internet? Especially the boob tube of you tube…give me a break…:whacky: :hypno: :dts:


I started the thread and I don’t believe what was on youtube. I am aware that what Macarthur said was nonesense just asking about the one quote. I am Catholic and I am very aware that the RCC doesn’t not tech that Mary is above God.


Dear Arther,

My answer is simple. John MacArthur wants to become famous. Who knows that he is aiming for the White House someday.


But I don’t get why a Catholic would even mention this and want to know if it is true or not ???:confused: :confused:


I just asked 1 question about it. It is said that the last 2 Popes said that they have committed the whole world to Mary. Its hard to find if they actually said this or not. I do know that if they said it, it was not to mean what Macarthur thinks it does. I knopw that anti Catholics always get this things wrong. Just curious thats all. Not as informed as everyone on this board. I know it was nonesense but would would take a long time explaining why.


Arther, perhaps not intentionally said, but I expected it from a non-Catholic to ask something like this. :shrug:


I don’t know what this person meant by “the last 2 popes”. Did he mean B16 and JP2, or JP2 and JP1? Either way, I don’t think he is strictly correct saying “the last 2 popes” consecrated the world to Mary, because I am not aware that either B16 or JP1 did this.

But John Paul the Great did, and Pius XII did earlier, so let’s assume that’s what this person meant. I would acknowledge this fact to anyone who questioned me about it, but then ask, “so what?” This has nothing to do with honoring Mary more highly than God.


Tell them McCarthur beats his wife and its up to them to prove he doesnt.


What a blessing that both these holy popes placed all under the protection of our Blessed Mother Mary.

Her Fiat (yes) gave us our Saviour in the flesh…

Her command to the servants at the Wedding of Cana was a command to us All as well, to follow her Son and do what He tells us.

She is a loving mother who will lead all of us to her Son, if only we listen to her council, and when we stray from the fold, will do everything in her heavenly power (all power of course is from God given unto her) to bring us back.


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