Can someone be 100% sure he is in the state of grace?


I think I haven’t sinned mortaly for a long time (comparing to how often I did it before) and I will not sin ever again. I am confesssing venial sins now. But I can’t get rid of the feeling that there is something sinful in me! The feeling of relief after confession is great, but it’s gone now. I know that Catholic faith isn’t about the feelings, but I would still like to know can I be 100% sure that I am in the state of grace? What if I am playing tricks on myself while claiming some actions aren’t sinful? I mean, I know you have to have knowledge to do mortal sin, but what if I actually know everything, but pretend I don’t?


I don’t think the Church offers a definitive answer either way on your question, but hopefully others can chime in if they know of onw.

I like the answer St Joan of Arc gave in her trials when asked if she knew whether she was in a state of grace: “If I am not, may God place me there; if I am, may God so keep me.”

Generally seaking, I’d suggest you should know whether you are or are not in a state of grace, as mortal sin is not something that one can commit without knowing it. Thus if you have been baptised or received sacramental asbolution for sin (both of which place you in a state of grace), and have not committed a mortal sin, I’d suggest you can presume that you are in a state of grace.

No amount of venial sins can deprive us of our state of grace. They may make us more likely to go on to commit mortal sins, but in themselves they will not separate us from God.

If you are unsure of certain sins, being perhaps mortal, then make an act of perfect contrition (as best you can) and get to confession as soon as practical. If you have a tendency to worry about such things, it would be good to discuss your concerns with a priest who can advise you further.


This would be a discussion to have with your priest, in confession or by appointment. Especially if you make an appointment, for confession or spiritual guidance, ask for help making a good confession. Follow your priest’s advice, and that should help you find peace.


You cannot be absolutely certain of being in a state of grace - that’s dogmatic. Nevertheless, we should not worry about because we can be morally certain, that is certain enough to make moral judgments. God is not waiting to condemn us - if we do our best, God does not withhold the necessary graces.

Do be careful about thinking you’ll never sin again - pray for that grace, don’t presume on it.

I think you should speak to a priest about this - you might also be suffering from scrupulosity.

I hope this helps,
I’ll keep you in my prayers,
Benedicat Deus,


My favorite Priest answer this best when asked by a Baptist if he had been saved. He said “I’m a work in progress”. I think we should all strive for the “Way to Perfection” in Jesus Christ, never give up the fight because we tend to slide back into sin if we are not careful.


That is incorrect. Following confession, one is assured of being in a state of grace.

The conditions under which a confession might be invalid are far too narrow to be of any general concern, especially when discussing with an individual with possible scrupulous tendencies.


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