Can Someone Be A Fulltime Caregiver And Be Married

I am a single 50 year old woman who lives with and cares for her 88 year old uncle with heart failure.I do not regret being a caregiver for the last 8 years or so,but I sometimes wonder whether it is too late for me to meet a nice man to marry,and whether I could juggle being a wife and caregiver at the same time.I’ve been feeling very lonely lately,as If I am missing out on being with a special man

That’s very nice what you are doing.
It’s never too late to meet a nice man to marry.
If he knows from the start about your uncle there should be no problem.

Try not to feel lonely. My aunt finally met a nice man in her 60’s.


Thank You! Hopefully I’ll meet nice understanding man1

Franny, many people are married and yet are care-givers for aged parents or disabled family members. There is no intrinsic reason why you can’t also be married…but you would have the added blessing of knowing that you are genuinely loved if a person is delighted to marry you, knowing that you’re caring for your Uncle. And who knows if this man might find your Uncle’s company enjoyable, and that your Uncle’s life might be enriched by your happiness.

Please God, you will find a lovely and good man to share your life.

at least half my friends (all over 50) are married and also the sole caregivers for elderly parents or in-laws, and many of them are also raising grandchildren. Yes it can happen if i is God’s will for you.

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