Can someone direct me please?


I am a 41 year old man who has been raised Catholic. I have recently returned to the Church (two months ago) after several years absence. The hypocrisy of sending my children to CCD while not attending Mass myself finally, and thankfully, caught up with me.

I think one of the reasons I left initially, was that going to Mass became a routine. You know… kneel, stand, recite, kneel. I still do not understand each portion of Mass.

I have received my Sacraments but something is missing. For starters, I can recite the Mass without thought but, I don’t fully understand the meanings of each portion of the Mass. I want to get more out of it. I want to put more into it. I was contempletating joining the Men’s Club at church but I am a bit on the shy side. Is there any recommended reading for returning Catholics who are confused. I hope I am not alone in my confusion. I assume I am not the first to feel this way.

Thank you and God Bless.



Dear Brian,

First of all, to get an understanding of the Mass, spend time reflecting on the Lord’s passion. I know that we all have a general knowledge what He suffered. But when one stops to consider the specifics, it’s a whole new ball game. His passion is the center of history as well as the center of our lives. It is also what the Mass is ALL about. When we look at the altar and see the bread and the wine next to each other. Then at one point the bread becomes His body and the wine become His blood. A body that is separated from its blood has died. So we are not only reminded of His body and blood, we are reminded that He was voluntarily slain for our benefit. The very core of the Mass is the celebration of this expression His love for us.

Before Communion the priest breaks off a little piece of the host and drops it in the precious blood, symbolizing the reuniting of His blood when He rose from the dead. It’s all there in the Mass.

Here are some resources:

“The Lamb’s Supper” by Scott Hahn

“Transforming Your Life Through the Eucharist”

by John A. Kane
The Bible and the Mass by Rev. Peter Stravinskas - Catholic Mass Book, Paperback, 123 pp.

Mass Appeal: The ABC’s of Worship by Jimmy Akin (booklet)

In The Mass Of The Early Christians, author Mike Aquilina

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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