Can someone direct me to a good Catholic children's devotional or bible?

Recently I was in B&N and found 2 books that I ended up purchasing. They are called “God’s Little Princess Devotional Bible” and “Sweet Dreams Princess” (bedtime bible stories, devotions, and prayers) by Sheila Walsh. These appealed to the age level of both of my DDs (4-7 years), but I noticed that the biblical passages and discussions are based upon the International Children’s Bible, with which I am not familiar.

I honestly have to do some research into which Bibles are even Catholic (vs. Protestant translations), and am embarrassed to admit I’m not that familiar w/all the translations available. The thing that worried me (perhaps a bit harsh) about the first chapter is that is spoke very literally of Adam and Eve and the creation of the Earth. At this young age, I don’t want to confuse my DDs on the Church’s teaching vs. what other people might believe, but I do love the format of these books in that the bible stories are brief - 2 pages or so each, there’s a discussion section after that’s very age-appropriate, and there’s a cute little prayer that refers to the girls as princesses, which they seem to eat right up. Should I return these books (based on the Int’l. Children’s Bible) in favor of something similar geared toward Catholic children? If so, are there similar Catholic books for children? We already have a Catholic children’s bible…this isn’t what I’m really looking for. I’m moreso looking for something to foster conversation at bedtime or whenver we sit down to read it - beyond just a bible story and me thinking up feeble questions to ask of them.

TIA for your help!

Get Fed is a great resource.

For books, the St Joseph Picture books for kids, for teens the Amy Welborn books, Lifeteen books and Fr Stan Fortuna’s books are fantastic!

Thanks…I’m off to check these out!

And these books (some, anyway) have sections that foster dialog about the readings, etc.?

Look around and find one you like.

Hey AstroGrl,

also take a look at this :

free and **online **catechism good for kiddos of all ages (even has references to bible passages, etc). Awesome and appealing to youngsters (lotsa color and pictures) :thumbsup:


Catholic bibles have an Impramatur, look in the copy write section of the book. It should say “Impramatur” and give the approving Bishop’s name. I hope this helps,

Excellent. I will peruse this site, too. I’m looking for something as a more formal way to boost what my oldest daughter’s getting (or not) from her Catechism class, as well as for a way to foster conversation w/my other children who are old enough to discuss.

I was particularly wondering if there was any sort of unforeseen “caveats” with using what seems to be a more literal translation for a kid’s devotional bible/discussion book. Again, I’m not really looking for a Bible, but something for the preschool and 4-7 or 8 yo age group where we discuss Bible stories, as well as Catholic beliefs.

Try Magnifikid

AstroGrL, good animated videos about the Saints are a great resource for forming those young minds; have you employed these yet? My youngsters learned tremendously early on- even to the point where now, as teens, they revel in seeing ‘mature’ (even old Black&White) videos about saints lives. We (as parents) enjoy watching and discussing them with them- kinda breaks the age/interest gap, as it were . . .


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