Can someone explain Marian Apparitions to me?

Are apparitions of the Virgin Mary real? I’ve read about the how Mary has appeared to different people and instituted the rosary and the scapular, but it just seems really hard to believe. Did the Virgin Mary actually give someone the first rosary and scapular? Are the dead able to appear to people and talk to them? Was Fatima real? Thanks!

Some are genuine but most are not.
However, even if the Church deems one worthy of belief Catholics do not have to believe them. Our faith and salvation do not depend on apparitions.

Fatima is real and approved by the church, also Lourdes, Lady of Guadalupe, and others. Note, you are not required to believe in the apparations, but I can tell you the message of Fatima is serious enough to help people insure salvation, I was raised in Portuguese family, and have a devotion to Fatima and have been there. I also have been to Lourdes where Bernadette saw an appearance of the Blessed Mother by announcing herself Immaculate Conception in a Grotto, the last day the Blessed Mother appeared to Bernadette she started a spring a water from there and ever since a lot of people who had contact with this water received miracles. I have been there and was a great experience, would recommend to do a pilgramage to any of the Marian Apparitions. In short, Mary’s appearances are reminder to us to follow her son Jesus, nothing more, nothing less. As for the rosary , don’t recall she giving the rosary but in Fatima she encouraged the children to pray it every day.

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Of course they are real. But we must keep in mind that it is not happening often. More important is our faith. God ask nothing more but to have faith and to do his will.

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That’s what I said!!

“Some are genuine but most are not.”

What everyone said… Now, images that appear in toast or on a walmart receipt… those are a little hard to swallow. :slight_smile:

Saint Dominic spread the rosary after Mary appeared to him, but counting out 150 prayers, either Our Father’s or Psalms was already practiced. You can find the story here. I imagine I’ve very apt to believe that Mary promoted the rosary, because I’ve seen and experienced how transformative the prayer can be first hand.

I’m entirely convinced that the Fatima apparitions were real. I haven’t done much reading about the other well-known Marian apparitions, but I have no reason to doubt them.

“With God all things are possible.”

Here is one on Fatima that is quite good.

In addition I would like to say that often it is mentioned that Catholics do not have to believe in Fatima. Technically yes, but care in explaining this should be given. All the faith and morals, divine revelation, necessary for our salvation has stopped after the last apostle died and there will be no more. Everything we need to know for salvation is in Tradition and the Bible with the Church’s guidance in them. But there are some things in private revelations that are new and important for our future and are given for our further guidance in living in this world. And also things that will help improve the lives of many many people, not only in their bodily health, but more importantly in their spiritual well being. Many people have been drastically changed forever for the better. And because of this the wold itself will become a better place.

When the Popes have visited these places, and the church makes saints of those involved in these events, then we should say there is truth in what that event is saying to us and to the world, and could help save souls. This is something to bear in mind, the well being of others who were helped. It is Jesus who said to Peter, “strengthen your brethern in their faith.” These events do just that, because many people have found faith, have regained faith, and have a renewed faith thru these saints who were involved saw what they saw to bring us help from above that sometimes eludes us. I know it has helped me from time to time, and I know of others it has also helped, a light in the night given to us that others do not have. I think we are on safe ground when the church takes a day to offer a special
Mass in their celebration, and made saints of those who saw a heavenly vision. The scapulars and miraclous medal fall into the same category. If we say we can just easily ignore them as they came after the full revelation, would be to throw away the words of our Lady as unimportant when the church herself has approved these things in many ways. Mary is always thinking of our welfare and from time to time comes to us in a special way to encourage and strengthen us to pull us toward her Son. What other saint has thought so much of us that they appeared as often to help and encourage us? She has a real message, an important message, which the church has approved as safe. Should we think it otherwise?

Well I’ll be honest, I don’t believe them myself, but I do like the rosary, not that I beleive I get any special special graces out of praying it, but what most people don’t understand (other than Catholics of course) is the mysteries of the Rosary, which is one mediates on the life of Jesus on earth.

A good book and easy to read, on the topic I found very helpful is: A Still Small Voice by Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel. He goes into what apparitions are and aren’t, how the Church examines them, and the benefits they bring to the faithful. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

You have my curiosity up. Why?

I’d like to know as well!

Thanks for the recommendation!

You’re welcome. :tiphat:

I’ll be honest - I think that Marian apparitions detract from Jesus and tend to deify Mary.

I truly don’t know what to believe.

I don’t know what you mean, Why what?:slight_smile:

The approved ones are.

I’ve read about the how Mary has appeared to different people and instituted the rosary and the scapular, but it just seems really hard to believe. Did the Virgin Mary actually give someone the first rosary and scapular?

Yes. Through the prayers and the faith that must exist along with them, these sacramentals have kept countless souls safely within the Catholic faith. They have produced many great saints in the Catholic Church. If you begin to read the lives of the saints, you’ll see the fruit they’ve produced and will know that it’s true.

Our Lord gave us His own Mother at the foot of the cross. She’s the mother of all Christians. She wants to bring people to her Son, Jesus. That’s the only purpose of the rosary and scapular. Nothing Mary gives us takes anything away from her Son; she always only magnifies Him. And we can never show Mary too much honor. It’s not possible. Our Lord Jesus is pleased when we honor His mother and take her as our own Mother. So don’t be afraid of Mary! In Mary, we see the perfect example of a holy life. Our mother and our model.

Are the dead able to appear to people and talk to them?

The saints aren’t dead. They’re more alive than you and I. But I understand what you mean and the answer is, rarely. And even then it’s usually only to the simplest and humblest of souls.

The Church warns us that we’re never to “summon” the dead, as is done in occult practices such as seances. The occult can lead to trouble with the demonic.

Was Fatima real?

Yes it was. 70,000 people throughout Europe witnessed the Miracle of the Sun. It was documented in newspapers. You can see footage of this event on You Tube… Miraculous healings also came out of Fatima.

Excellent post. :slight_smile:

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