Can someone explain the movie SAW IV to me?

Ok…so we rented this last night–and we were so lost.:shrug: We saw all thre other Saws, but this one was not only a little boring and predictable, but I didn’t understand the cop’s role or who the detective was, and how he took over Jigsaw’s role…Can someone help me to better understand?

I didn’t understand how it all tied in…usually, Saw’s writers do a great job of bringing it all together at the end…but, really, I was a bit lost on this last sequel. If you’ve seen it, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I saw this movie in theaters, and it was a bit confusing but heres how I saw it. The beginning of the movie (the autopsy scene) was actually the end of the plot for SAW IV. The detective is most likely involved in some part of jigsaws game, we dont know what right now, but there will be a saw V so I guess that will explain it.
The cop who was the main character was the subject of Jigsaws game which was being run by the detective. Apparently all of the cop’s co-workers were tested and killed by Jigsaw except him, but saw iv was his test. If you remember in the beginning, when they find the dead person in the basement, the detective scolds the cop telling him to never go through an unchecked door. <–(that should be noted) At the end the Cop runs through another unchecked door, and gets the cop he was trying to save, killed. You also see Jigsaws body on a table, and this is when I knew something was up, because we had seen him in the beginning of the movie. So the detective does what he was told to do, which was to set up these people, and goes to the autopsy room where they find the casette tape which Jigsaw swallowed in the previous movie. And the tapes mentions that the game isnt over, and that it has only just begun, setting up a sequel. I really like how the writers avoided the typical horror movie ending, and actually took some time write an interesting story which has one of those cool endings where you most likely turn to the person next you saying, “What just happened? I dont get it”

Thank you for your reply, Aaron…but who was the detective? Was he in any of the other SAWs? I don’t remember ever seeing him…I remember the guy who was standing on the ice block, but who was the detective standing over Jigsaw when he was dead in the infirmery? The problem with Saw 4 was unlike Saw 3, which you wer eon the edge of your seat, the camera jumping was overkill (trying to create a scary effect but it was too much)…and it didn’t tie in enough. Like I almost felt like the people who were being tortured, were random–instead of tieing in some how. I think they should end with this one…:o

Which detective? there were 3, the woman who was wounded by the grenade, the evil one and the guy that is locked in one of the rooms. I think all of the detectives are new to the series anyway. One thing one of my friends mentioned was that it did not help that every actor looked sort of the same lol which did not help when trying to figure things out. The guy with the stitches on his mouth, and both detectives looked similar.

SAW 3 and SAW 4 are taking place at the same time

The guy who had stitches was a detective?? oh my, I was lost for sure–I didn’t know that. I thought he was a 'bad guy, …hmmm…I am speaking of the guy who had black hair…standing over Jigsaw’s body in the morgue.:confused:

:eek: what?

no lol, the guy with stitches was not a detective, the guy over jigsaw’s body was not the stitches guy he was the evil detective.
and yes SAWs 3 and 4 take place at the same time.

oh–oops…I confused that.:blush:
The ‘evil’ detective…but where did he come from? I don’t recall him in any of the saws…unless I missed something??:confused:

I think at Halloween I’ll watch the Saw series again…not this last one though, it was terrible, in my opinion…but, just to get what I missed. I’m a little saw-ed out, I think, for now…lol:o

At the very end, Agent Strahm goes into that room where Jigsaw was dying…the guy Jeff from SAW 3 was alive and in there…Strahm shot him…

holy smokies! I am getting it now! Ok, I remember that…and then, he was now taking over Jigsaw’s place…but typically…the person who takes Jigsaw’s place, has revenge to seek…like the girl who was operating on Jigsaw’s behalf…what was this detective seeking revenge for?

I guess you will have to wait for SAW V to find out.

:eek: Will there be a 5?

You know, the scene where the girl’s ponytail was stuck in that grinding mechanism…ugh…that was so disgusting. Honestly, the writers have to be a little out there to come with that stuff…hey, but we are watching it, though!!:smiley:

ok, as others have mentioned, The opening scene, the autopsy, actually takes place after the events of the movie. The first scene chronologically is the trap with Trevor and Art, the two guys chained to the machine in the center of the room (Trevor was the blind guy, art was the guy with his mouth sewn).

the big main twist, is that Saw IV is actually taking place at the same time as Saw III. Rigg is going though his tests and Agent Strahm is going through his investigation in Saw IV at the same time that Jeff and Lynn were going through their tests in Saw III. Everyone was expecting Saw IV to be s sequel, when in reality it was a “midquel”.

Thank you for your reply, Aaron…but who was the detective? Was he in any of the other SAWs? I don’t remember ever seeing him

the other detective, the one who was stapped into the chair next to detective matthews on the ice block, was detective hoffman. Hoffman made his first appearence in Saw III and was seen pocketing evidence from a crime scene. This obvious forshadowing lead many fans to figureout pretty quickly that hoffman was the new apprentice.

don’t remember ever seeing him…I remember the guy who was standing on the ice block, but who was the detective standing over Jigsaw when he was dead in the infirmery?

this was Agent Strahm, his character was first introduced in this movie.

Hoffman was the guy standing over Jigsaw’s body in the morgue, right?

What wierd is the scene with the mouth-stitched-shut guy and the eyes-stiched-shut actually takes place before Saw 3.

From what I know heres some important parts in chronological order.

Jigsaws soon to be child was killed.
Jigsaw was diagnosed with cancer.
Jigsaw got in his near fatal accident.
Jigsaw began his "saving"
Jigsaw recruited Amanda Young who was the first to survive his test.
Jigsaw and Amanda prepared the bathroom trap.
Saw 1.
Saw 2: All scened with Daniel Mathews (cops son) in the trap occur before the scenes involving Jigsaw.
Eric Mathews gets trapped in the bathroom trap.
Eric escapes the bathroom trap by breaking his foot and has a brutal encounter with Amanda.
Jigsaw “cleans up after Amanda” by putting Eric in a cell and keeps him alive for the Saw 4 trap.
Amanda begins to defy Jigsaw’s orders by making the traps unlivable.
Chain and stitches trap.
Jigsaw, Amanda, Hoffman, and mouth-stiched-shut guy all prepare for Jeff and Riggs traps.
Saw 3 and Saw 4 occur almost simultaniously: the revengeful man Jeff Reinhart and Lieutenant Rigg are going through their long traps at the same time. Jeff completes his and kills Jigsaw and Amanda causing Lynn (his wife) to die. Rigg completes his which actually means he failed his and caused Eric to finally die. Rigg shoots the mouth-stitched-shut guy (Art Blank) who was Jigsaws business partner and was forced to prepare much of Riggs trap.
We finish with the moor with Detective Hoffman listening to Jigsaws message.

Somewhere in there Hoffman became Jigsaws second apprentice, definately before Saw 3. It is unknown whether Rigg survived or not. The strange man who was paired with Eric in the trap left Rigg to bleed to death. This man was not in any danger and it reminds me of how Jigsaw put himself in the bathroom trap. The man obviously got out easily and was not electrified when Eric was killed. I sorta think he might be Detective Hoffman but he’s all wet and they all look alight to me but it would make sense if he was.

I hope this helps you understand the plot, sorry if I’m wrong or I confused you even more. Good luck! :thumbsup:

Ah, Jigsaw falling into place!

Sorry, Radiohead reference, couldn’t resist. :smiley:

:eek: :eek: :eek:

The verdict is out on HOW confused I am now…:smiley: I will have to mull it over and see if I can make the ‘pieces’ fit. Thank you for this summation! Holy cow!

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