Can someone explain the Powerful Novena of Childlike Confidence to me?


Hey everyone,

Well, I’ve always been rather confused about the Powerful Novena of Childlike Confidence.

I’ve seen this image venerated everyhwhere. In the Church that I grew up in, there is a statue and all. But I’ve never actually known exactly what it is. Who is the person in the picture? I would appreciate some explanation here.

Thanks! God Bless You!



The image you’re referring to is the Infant of Prague (Baby Jesus as King of the world.) We had the same statue in the church I grew up in as well; unfortunately the church was vandalized several years ago and the statue was damaged beyond repair.


Blessed be God forever.

This novena is very powerful, I can personally attest to it. Its a surprise to me more Catholics don’t use it.


Good writeup on the history of the Infant of Prague statue from 1628.

Please get the word out about this novena, its amazing and has a very special part in my life. It is beautiful and I just can’t describe much more about it then it working purely with Love and the Holy Spirit.


I have a question: in order to say the 9 hr novena, do you have to be in front of a statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague? Or can you have a holy card image of him? Do you have to be at a church or go to the church in Prague?


I have never heard of that; I think just the prayer is sufficient, but looking at the image can’t hurt!


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