Can someone give me a refresher course on Stations of the Cross?

Okay, so my sacristan asked me if I could serve a few Stations of the Cross liturgies during Lent, because I work at the church’s Lenten Fish Fry and it’s easy for me to walk to the church and serve. So, I said I would. Can someone give me a little outline on what we do at this liturgy? I have been to them before, but I really can’t remember.

Yes, I know Lent is way off, but I just wanted a refresher course.

Would you be leading the stations or just serving? Stations of the Cross are a devotion rather an a liturgy so there is some freedom in how things can be done.

If you google “Stations of the Cross” you will find several sources of information as well as a list of the usual fourteen stations.

we are just about to enter Advent. Lent is months away. so you should have time to do some research and get prepared.

It’s relatively simple. First of all, follow the directions of the priest, but here’s the typical way that they’re done:

Opening of the Stations, prayers are said kneeling at the steps of the altar. Kneel or stand when the priest does so, at his side–follow what the priest is doing, not the congregation. If you are carrying the processional cross, however, never kneel (so just ignore the later parts about kneeling). If you have a candle, do kneel (unless it’s a very large one, or a processional candle on a pole). Just hold the cross, and stand at the priest’s side. If you have the cross or candle, it’s best not to try to take a book with you, as this becomes akward.

For the Stations themselves, walk in front of the priest (who should always be last). Space yourself so that your’re just enough ahead of him so that the priest will be standing directly in front of the station that’s being said. Stand when he stands, kneel when he kneels. Typically, the priest will announce the station, then say “We adore You O Christ, and we praise You” R “Because by Your Holy Cross…” Some priests genuflect before this verse and stay down, others so so after it. Regardless, stand when he stands, kneel when he kneels. At the end, there’s likewise prayers before the altar. Again, just do whatever the priest is doing. It’s very simple, and there isn’t much in the way of rubrics when doing the Stations.

Basically, what need is there for a server at the Stations?

And since it’s not an official service, but a private devotion (howsoever many might be attending it), it’s NOT a liturgy.

We use 3 servers-one processional cross bearer and two candlebearers, one for each side of the cross.
It doesn’t have to be a liturgy to use servers. Processionals around the neighborhood use servers, too, for candles, incense, cross, whatever, and they aren’t liturgies, either.

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