Can someone go to hell if they believe in an unapproved apparition?

If someone believes in an unapproved or even condemned apparition, will they go to Hell? Are they damned?

I don’t think so… we are not suppose to name unapproved apparitions from what I know so I’ll just leave it at that…oh dear!

I would follow Church teaching on the matter. Private revelation is what it says, private revelation and we are free to believe or not to believe.

But the Church also makes a judgement on whether a private revelation is worthy of belief or not.

My question to you then: By believing in an unapproved apparition, are you following Church teaching?

In one unapproved apparition, the local bishop asked that we abstain from recognizing the unapproved apparition. Should you heed the bishop’s request or not? Should we be obedient or not?

Of course, someone who chooses to place attention or adoration on unapproved apparitions aren’t in mortal sin.

However, consider that the Church *wants *to find true places and events where they are able to confirm a supernatural event. If you are involved in an event that was actively determined as not an approved apparition, you may be, at least, venerating something that is false.

At most, you might leave yourself more vulnerable to spiritual attack (if the event is diabolic in truth–something important to consider) or, more likely, a trip to such a location is financially scamming you.

Regardless of where you are, God hears us.

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