Can someone help me find this book? Deals with growing up in Nazi Germany

I hope someone can help me find this book I am looing for? I am sorry I do not know the authors name or what her book title might be.

I heard her on KVSS some time ago. She was a young girl who grew up in Germany when the Nazi’s came to power. She essentially chronicled her life and how the Nazis changed things little by little until they were in total control. She goes on to chronicle her life after they were in control. One of the first things was to take out any religious symbols from her school like the crucifix. It was all made fun and enjoyable for children like herself.

I take it that was what her book was about as that is what she was talking about on the radio but alas, I was in my car and didn’t write her name or her book down? I hope someone here might help me.

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Do you remember the day, or at least the month when you heard it?
Maybe you can find it by looking at the programming schedule on their webite or by emailing the station and asking them.

If you find out by PM, could you post the name, because I’d like to read that book too. Thanks!

yes me too. it sounds really good.:slight_smile:

Try this:

Tilli’s Story
by Tille Schulze and Lorna Collier

…the true story of Tilli’s childhood in eastern Germany during and after World War II, before her escape to freedom at age sixteen. The book is unusual in the field of World War II memoirs by showing what non-Jewish, rural Germans endured under Hitler and by portraying East German life after Russians invaded the country and imposed the Iron Curtain.

Here’s a link:

There was an article in our newspaper that this book has been optioned by a movie producer in Germany, and will be made into a film.

Have you ever thought of “googling” with the information you have and perhaps it might give you the name of the book. It sounds like a great book and if you find out the name, please post it on Catholic Answers as I’m a World War II history “buff” and I like to read about those times.

Me, too!
Have you read Witness to Hope about Pope John Paul II? That has a lot of interesting history in it. Also, The Sixth Lamentation by William Brodrick is an excellent novel about WWII that I really enjoyed.

No, sadly I don’t remember other than it was a few months ago. I kind of forgot about it but the other day was watching tv and a documentary about Germany made in 1938 was on that was originally shown in theaters at that time(1938) in the USA. That’s when I remembered this woman on KVSS. Unfortunately my search has not been productive yet, which is why I came here hoping someone would recall this person and/or her book?

Many thanks GraceSofia for the recommendation for the two books – I may have already read “Witness to Hope” (will check the book and see if I have – terrible memory) but I’ll go into my public library site and see if they have the book by William Brodrick.

Thanks Cat, I am definitely going to get this book but I don’t think this is the same person I heard. When I went to Tilli’s web-site I believe it stated that she has not done any touring or speaking now for 4 years and the person I am looking for was definitely just on this past year? Also when I heard this person on the radio I believe she specifically recalled the day the Americans entered her German town so she must have been in West Germany whereas Tilly talks about the day the Russians took over.

I have a few e-mails out to people at KVSS. Hope they can help.

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