Can someone help me find this special saint?


Hi everyone,

I’m looking for the patron saint of mouth/teeth aliments. Any help is appreciated.



Saint Apollonia



Thank you very much :slight_smile:



My husband is a dentist and often tells his Catholic patients of St. Apollonia, who is the patron saint of dentistry, died a martyr having had her teeth knocked out.:eek:


Here’s a link - with a picture of her holding a tooth:



Thanks, what a coincidence !

I could use a teeth specialist. I just had a dental appointment last Thursday and I am about to lose my last molar on my upper left side AND I need a bone graft and an implant, a major ouch both physically and financially.:eek::(:frowning:

Maybe by July, I can get a miracle and my bone could grow back around my problem molar. The dentist says all the bone around that molar is virtually gone. St. Apollonia pray for us ! I would be really appreciative and my dentist would be absolutely flabergasted.


I wrote a prayer to her. I’ll share it with you:

Dear St. Apollonia,
Your enormous faith in God even to the point of torture and death is truly amazing. I ask you to interceed to my Lord Jesus to heal me of my mouth pain and dental problems. Pray for me as I endure it and comfort me when I feel anxious or nervous. I hope some day I will be able to meet you alongside our Heavenly Father in eternal life. I ask this through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother Mary and your patron saint.



Thanks much… I’m not in that much need of a miracle. I don’t look forward to dental surgery, but it’s not life threatening. There are so many other folks who need real life saving and life changing miracles. I would almost feel guilty if one happened for me and not for someone more in need.

However I would really love to see the look on my dentists face if something like this were to take place. I actually have 2 dentists in a joint practice, and both are aware of my situation, so it would doubly surprising for both of them to see a miraculous healing. St. Apollonia do your thing !


Who does look forward to dental surgery??? :shrug:



My husband…he’s a dentist!!! Ony kidding…He had to have a tooth extracted last winter and still complains! God does have sense of humor!!!:smiley:


I just had an absessed tooth pulled last Thursday. No fun at all. Especially when it affects my eating. Actually, what was worse, I think some of the drainage got into my system because that night I developed a cough that’s still with me. It isn’t severe, but still no fun. I’ll be needing to check into getting partials some day soon. I just hope it isn’t too soon.


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