Can someone help me find this work of Augustine?


In Epistolam Johannis tractus, 2. NPNF Series I, VII:469.



Quick Google search shows:

p 469 begins at the words"two disciples whom He met with in the way," and ends at "fourth day, the first station, of last week.(4) Why did it behove

It’s Homily II. I John II. 12-17 (The Epistle of St. John)
Of course this is in English though.

edit: Here’s the link I was actually looking for, which is what I use when I have to use online resource:


Thank you. Someone in another forum supposedly quoted Augustine as saying this:

You ought to notice particularly and store I your memory that God wanted to lay a firm foundation in the Scriptures against treacherous errors, a foundation against which no one dares to speak who would in any way be considered a Christian. For when He offered Himself to them to touch, this did not suffice Him unless He also confirmed the heart of the believers from the Scriptures, for He foresaw that the time would come when we would not have anything to touch but would have something to read.

And gave this as the source: In Epistolam Johannis tractus, 2. NPNF Series I, VII:469.

I can’t find this anywhere. He threw this quote at me after I said “Show me in Scripture where Jesus said write down everything I say or do into a book and give it to everybody to interpret for themselves.” Or something to that effect.


Someone also gave the misquote from this Homily on a site criticizing Francis Beckswith for his conversion to Catholicism. Not sure where the quote should be cited as I haven’t been able to yet locate it, if it does exist.


It has been elaborated on a bit on this thread:

You could get caught up if you start on post #33. Maybe you could add something.


The link is here. The quote in question is actually on p. 470.



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