Can someone help me with this...please?

I posted this on the Spirituality forum, but got no responses…maybe I’ll get some here, thanks.

Could someone enlighten me on how to go about consecrating my business to our Lord and Blessed Mother…please, thanks!!!

Information on how to do it and why it’s done would be very helpful and greatly appreciated…thanks again!!!

I believe you could use the consecration to the Sacred Heart. There is info here:

I am not completely sure about this, but I think that what you want to do is really quite simple.

This a personal matter and is the fruit of God’s grace within you. The consecration of your business is accomplished simply by praying and asking God to take your business operation under His divine protection. You do this in light of the fact that you wish to make your business operation holy in His sight. Your desire is to please God. Tell God that you are personally consecrating your business to Jesus and Mary.

If you wish you could place a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and a picture of Mary in your office as a reminder to you. Make a commitment to open and close your business day with a prayer of offering and thanksgiving. Beyond this, you might ask the parish priest to come to your office to give a blessing.

I hope this helps.

We have religious who do this in our town. Do you have a good priest? Ask him to come over, feed him supper and ask him to consecrate the business to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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