Can someone help refute these anticatholic links?

I can’t refute them, and they are nagging at me. I need help. Can someone help me by refuting them? :frowning:

Here’s what one link has as their question:
Question: The Catholic Church teaches the truth because the doctrines of Christ and the apostles have been preserved through an unbroken line of Catholic bishops. All over the world, all Catholic bishops can have their lineage of predecessors traced back to the time of the apostles, something that is impossible in Protestant denominations. What are your comments?

The first statement is not accurate. We don’t say that we have the truth because of the unbroken line to the apostles. We do claim an unbroken line, but that’s not the reason our doctrines are true. They are true because of the Magesterium, the teaching arm of the Church. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit will lead the church, and we know that the Holy Spirit will not/CAN not lead us into error. When the Magesterium declares a truth, they are led by the Holy Spirit. When a truth is declared by the Church, it stands forever - cannot be changed - because that would mean that the Holy Spirit was not guiding us.

I find the Magesterium a great comfort. How am I to figure out what the Bible means? I can read what others have concluded. But so many disagree about the meaning of various passages, and some of those disagreements are significant. I like the fact that the Magesterium has guided the Church (by the power of the Holy Spirit) throughout time. I much prefer the interpretation of the fathers of the church than someone who came 2000 years later. Some of the most notable converts to Catholicism have made the same point. History is on our side.

The other site you posted is just so full of misinformation and outright lies that it isn’t worth comment. You can get a good book on apologetics by Patrick Madrid, Tim Staples, and many others that will give you a good overview. Also, check out the resources on this site. It’s great that you have questions and are seeking the truth. Continue to seek. God will reward you!

Tristan, I second Orchanian’s advice to pick up some good Catholic apologetics books. The misinformation and half truths in those links simply run too deep to to refute off the cuff. Use the resources on this site for a start though. And then avoid this sort of BS in the future. :slight_smile: Paranoia is one of the devil’s favorite tricks. Sowing of subtle doubts, etc… Stay strong, keep learning.

I have a funny feeling that it won’t matter what you say. Some of these places aren’t really interested in the truth. They want to believe what they want to believe. I once got into an email debate with someone who claimed to be a former Catholic. I can’t think of anything nice to say about him, so I’ll be quiet about that. Just be prepared to give your statement, then get out of there. Protecting your own faith is important here.

This article is so misinformed. Contrary to what it states or implies, the Catholic Church teaches that:

The Eastern Orthodox Church DOES have Apostolic succession.

Bishops are not Apostles, they are SUCCESSORS to the Apostles.

Infallibility does not arise simply to due to lineal Apostolic succession.

Nonsense. Mixed facts are thrown together ostensibly to prove a connection to the Christian Church, or some causative effect, but it’s a failure.

I love the fact that we have the Magisterium…It is a great source of comfort…I love the Church! God is so wise and amazing!
You know, though, I’ve been thinking…we always defend our interpretation of Scripture by staging that the magisterium has interpreted it for us…we forget to state that yes, the Holy Spirit can speak to us individually also through the Word…but not about doctrinal matters…maybe perhaps in a certain direction God is calling us or to what kind of virtue one needs to work on, and maybe even a passage will speak to us by simply increasing our faith or by showing us that we CAN trust in God and abandon ourselves to Him.

Here is an apologetics page devoted specifically to refuting that anti-Catholic web page!

Never heard of the second site, but I have some experience with GotQuestions.

By their own admission:

"Some of our Catholic-related articles may be responding more to the unbiblical practices of some (or most) Catholics, and not necessarily the “official positions” of the Roman Catholic Church."

So therefore, this site has forfeited any claim to intellectual credibility.

For ideas, check out the following link to the Catechism. Be sure to check the footnotes.


GotQuestions, O foolish hypocrites! looking for pagan origins for Catholic practices when the pagans and the atheists have come up with many pagan origins for general Christian beliefs such as Jesus being the Son of God, the Virgin Birth, the Resurrection, the Prophets’ claim to divine inspiration, the Creation account, Noah’s Flood, among others. You conveniently brush these claims aside and use the same style as they to refute Christ’s Church for the sake of your tradition of Sola Fide and Sola Scriptura! :rolleyes:

Were you ever really bothered by these “nagging” doubts, Tristan, or did you already have your mind made up?:shrug:

You stated ** “How am I to figure out what the Bible means?”**

The answer is to read the Bible for what it says.

Yeah, you should definitely avoid anything written by anyone who holds a different opinion than the Catholic Church. After all since the Catholic Church teaches truth you should definitely fear everything else. Seriously, what do you have to fear from a lie if you have the truth?

Why can’t the Holy Spirit speak to you individually about doctrinal matters? God is no respector of persons. We are all equal in his sight.

The Holy Spirit can. No problem. But for Christians and Jews, as I understand it, God also calls us as a people, a community. The Holy Spirit works through both community and individuals.

Open your Yellow Pages and count the number of denominations/independent churches in your area.
THAT is your answer.

JAS, What I think you are saying is, it is a matter of interpretation. I ask, what makes you think that the Catholic church has the right interpretataions of scriptures?

     Peace,   Golfjack

Noooooo. What I am saying is that if the Holy Spirit was truly guiding you and others like you IN interpreting the Scriptures, you would not have so much division.
Where does the buck stop?
Who decides?
Are the Baptists right? Which Baptists? American? Independent Fundamental?
Are the Charismatics right? Which ones? Oneness Pentecostals? Assembly of God?
Are the Presbyterians right? Which ones? The liberal UPC? PCA? Bible Presbyterians?
Are the Methodists right? Which ones? UMC? Free Methodists?
Each group think THEY are right. And they can come up with many Bible verses and sound very convincing. Are Arminianists right? Or the Calvinists? How about the ‘in-betweens’?
Where does the buck stop?
Who decides?
Without authority, you are left with 20 pages in your yellow pages with countless denominations who each think THEY are right.

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