Can someone make a second Act of Perfect Contrition before Confession?

I believe I made an Act of Perfect Contrition yesterday, but unfortunately fell into mortal sin. Between this state I’m in and Confession may I make another Act of Perfect Contrition and once again be in the state of grace?

I would suggest you post on the Ask an Apologist forum. They will know best.


By all means, make another Act of Contrition. But I think it is God who gets to decide if it is “perfect” or not, because He is the One who knows our hearts better than we know them. I certainly don’t want to be the one who decides if someone is a state of grace or not. For someone who dies before being able to get to Confession, a perfect Act of Contrition will suffice. But if you are perfectly sorry, you will not delay going to Confession. So, I urge you to go ahead and pray an Act of Contrition as perfectly as you can, then get to Confession as quickly as you can.

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