Can someone make the sign of the cross left handed?

Does it matter which hand you use when making the sign of the cross and other gestures?

While most people use their right hand to make the sign of the cross, this has to do more with cultural reasons than anything overly theological.

In Scripture and culture the “right hand” is symbolic of power and authority. Jesus sits at the right hand of the father, our best friend is our “right hand man.”

However, this is mainly because most people are right handed. For whatever reason being left handed became symbolic of duplicity and dishonestly (the word *sinister *is derived from the Latin word for left-handed) and therefore important things were always done with the right hand. Even today in some cultures the left hand, and never the right, is used for things that are considered dirty.

The almost universal tradition is to use the right hand when making the sign of the cross. However, if this is problematic for someone then there’s nothing inherently wrong with making the sign of the cross with the left hand. While it might induce some double takes from others, its not the end of the world.

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