Can someone please confirm the person who supposedly got this quote from Jesus?

“Jesus said, ‘The Chaplet is to be a Devotion for the Time of Darkness, and is being given as a spiritual weapon against the Seven deadly sins.’ “ In a vague way, it’s connected to St. Bridget of Sweden at two websites, but they appear shaky sites. Clarification would be wonderful. Thank you for your time.

Who is professing this was said by Christ? It is their responsibility to provide the details of the private revelation and of it’s approval by the Church.


Unless I am wrong, I believe this is from the “The Chaplet to Our Lady of Sorrows” apparently given at Medjugorje (I am guessing, as I vaguely heard something similar)

The Chaplet of Seven Sorrows originated in the thirteenth century (Servites).


If it is the Seven Sorrows, it may have been from the church approved Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Rwanda

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I’ve spent considerable time searching for that answer. (Two of my sons are priests) There is nothing accurate on any u.s. search engine, nothing at USCCB, nothing available at Vatican library. St. Bridget is possible, unfortunately possible is not a good answer. My next search will be to ask a Lincoln Nebraska Diocesan priest in Rome to seek out an answer. I will reply when I hear from him, which could be a lot longer than the 14 day close of this topic “after the last reply”. Be that as it may, The Chaplet to Our Lady of Sorrows is an excellent prayer to use especially for the conversion of Priests and religions “who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love” God and His Holy Catholic Church. This chaplet speaks to the heart of the problems in our church. It is a great prayer for those priests who are on legal issue “leave of absence” while their case is pending. God is a God of mercy. God can heal the hearts and minds of anyone, including his priests who have strayed from truth. Some for necessary reason will be removed from the priesthood, but many others only need rehabilitation. Pray for all of them, priests and religious. Thank You


I really appreciate the depth of your research! I look forward to your findings. If the chat is closed, perhaps it can be reopened or begun again. I’ll have to check the community rules and regs. God bless!

I’m also interested in hearing this since I love The Seven Sorrows Devotion and also St Bridget. I’ve read a little of St Bridget’s revelations and never come across that line, but there are many I haven’t read due to cost and availability.

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