Can someone please help me find this online store that sells healing sacramentals?


Hi everyone. :slight_smile: A while back, I found a nice store online in someone’s signature here on CAF that had a bunch of healing sacramentals and sacramental packages for donations. I am looking for this. I cannot find it anywhere though. Please help! :o


Never mind, I found it! :extrahappy:


ALL the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist and Confession and Anointing, are involved with healing, and ALL the Sacramentals can be a channel of healing according to the individual’s faith.

Somehow the term “healing sacramentals” sound one step away from superstition to me.


I’d think twice before making a purchase from that site.

It reminds me of those televangelists who claim they will see you healing bread and stuff. This looks like something similar…except Catholic.

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