Can someone please listen to me?

I never announce how I vote, and haven’t voted yet this year, so it doesn’t matter to me who you think I voted for. Could be Biden, Trump, or Porky Pig. I had a friend who used to write in Daffy Duck every election.

My comment is a general one. Many people i know do not vote straight tickets. This includes many Democrats and many Republicans. My late husband, who was Republican his whole life, was so disgusted with the last election’s choices he almost didn’t vote at all. I told him it was his civic duty so he thought about it and made a choice he could live with.

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The reason I referred to “spirit of V-II errors” and a catechism that contained such errors, was that after V-II, the Church was rampant with errors that Vatican II never called for, and the Baltimore Catechism was replaced by the Dutch Catechism. I figured that any Catechism published after Vatican II (with a few known exceptions) and before the publishing of the Universal Catechism, (well, before the Summer of Shame that is, but I do not want to get into that.) would contain such errors.

I worded the thread the way I did to clarify specifically that I do not reject what the Vatican Council actually says.

I’m prepared to accept that your intention was to draw a distinction between “post Vatican 2 errors” and “the errors of Vatican 2,” but that is not what your wording conveys to the average reader.

What sort of errors are in post VII Catechisms?

I’m talking specifically about the Dutch Catechism, that catechism contained things like, the downplaying of devotion to Mary and even the questioning of Her Perpetual Virginity.

@Tis_Bearself do you believe that I think that you don’t care about the unborn and think that you’re going to vote Democrat?

Do you think that my posts on here yesterday make me a toxic person?

Honest answer:

I haven’t even thought about this in days. No offense but I’ve had some major personal stuff on my mind.

I think you are not really cut out for Internet forums because you seem to get too wound up over them, and it might be healthier for you to avoid them.

You’re also not the only person I would say that about. Some of my friends have already deleted their social media accounts or chosen to not participate on certain forums because they realize it causes them to get too stressed or overinvested in the discussions.


Okay then, but I assure you, I’ll be much happier on that secular forum site I’m going back to.

Please keep me in your prayers.

The Baltimore Catechism is a work of art.


I really hope that people on here don’t now think that I think that the USA is “the last bastion of Catholicism.”

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