Can Someone Please Make Sense of This?


if you scroll down a bit, there’s a section that has the days of abstinence listed. Are these obligations? I couldn’t find if they were or not. Can someone please tell me when it is an oblgation to fast and what is and isn’t permitted? I thought it was only during Lent. Also, can meat be eaten on Easter?


Meat can eaten on Easter. I am not sure about the other part of your question.


This is the old Catholic Encyclopedia. Ember days, rogation days, etc. are no longer. This was how it was when I was growing up. Now, we have only two days of both fast and abstinence! We have it easy, and we are soft!

Hardship helps us to grow in our faith. Persecution grows saints. Perhaps we should fast and abstain much more than we are asked to!


I have a church calender which the days of abstinence are listed by symbol of a fish on those days or marked by the word fast.

I believe what your link is showing is a history.


Please let me know if I’m right. Good Friday, the last Saturday of lent, and Fridays of Lent are the only days of fasting and abstinence? I’m pretty sure there’s more but I can’t think of them. And what about the whole thing of never eating fish with meat? Is that still in effect?:confused:


The two fast days in the Church year are Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

The days of abstinence from meat are Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and all the other Fridays of Lent, unless a Solemnity (Feast of the Annunciation, Feast of St. Joseph, and in Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day) falls on a Friday.

There is no longer a prohibition against eating fish with meat. Go ahead and enjoy your Surf and Turf.



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