Can someone point me in the right direction?



I was wondering if someone could provide some links about miracles in the Church?

Any miracle, really.

To narrow down what I’m asking, I need sites with in depth history and/or explinations of RCC miracles.

I ask because I’m making a video of how to prove the RCC is the One Church without using 1 Tim. 3:15 and I firgure miracles would be a good way.

If anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know! :smiley:

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i don’t think miracles are the only or best way to prove that…

History proves it… but most people don’t know history of Church…

anyway… there is nothing more miraculous than Jesus coming to us in Bread and Wine… (HOst/Blood) and staying with us in His Real Presence in the Church…24/7 (as per St. Mt 28:20, John 6:27…etc.)

apparently the souls in Purgatory are There with Him also… I totally believe this, though everyone @ CAF doesn’t… Oh well… I’ve been There… many times…

To be There is to be in Purgatory… (no, I’m not saying the Church says that… don’t know if She does… but i feel it to be true…)


Hi, try these :slight_smile:

Sorry the websites aren’t as detailed as they can be… but there’s a lot about Lanciano :slight_smile:

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Hi :slight_smile:

Putting aside the rest of your question and answering only regarding miracles…

If you are able to locate good Catholic biographies of St Padre Pio, you will find a 20th century priest who was instrument of many miracles by God.
If a saint has been canonised in much of Catholic history there is a preceding genuine miracle that stands up to intense scrutiny, or the canonisation cannot be granted.


There was a great TV special made by a famous catholic TV personality here in Oz a while ago. He is Mike Wilesee . you can read about a documentary he made incl. 2 eucharistic miracles here

I wrote this to a friend re incorruptibles. It’s not 100% accurate in that I make my own conclusions as to why their incorrupt and some are partially preserved. It may help though.
I wrote this to someone a while ago about incorruptibles. Given our discussion I thought you might find it of interest. Most of these incorruptible lived when your Christian ancestors were catholic. These are your brothers in Christ. You should know a bit about them. They are not fake, mummified or tampered with in any way. They are asleep awaiting the resurrection. Many of these incorruptible are displayed for all to see. It’s not morbid curiosity or anything distasteful. It’s explained a little below. I know a girl a bit younger than me and she is a very virtuous, knowledgeable and devout catholic. She has been her whole life. She has tremendous faith. She used to go door knocking with me. She went to Rome about 15 yrs ago and saw some of these incorruptibles. She was astonished to see these miracles and some others. She said she had always believed but now she believed much more and almost didn’t need faith any more.
We only need faith when something is uncertain. When we know absolutely we don’t need faith, we know. She still needed faith, but the faith she had went sky high was the point.
This is one main purpose of displaying them. Another one is to convert the unbeliever. If God has worked miracles it is for a purpose. Even if we think something strange we need to understand that we might be wrong and God might be right.
The bible reference is
Acts 2: 27] For thou wilt not abandon my soul to Hades,
nor let thy Holy One see corruption.
28] Thou hast made known to me the ways of life;
thou wilt make me full of gladness with thy presence.'
29] "Brethren, I may say to you confidently of the patriarch David that he both died and was buried, and his tomb is with us to this day.
30] Being therefore a prophet, and knowing that God had sworn with an oath to him that he would set one of his descendants upon his throne,
31] he foresaw and spoke of the resurrection of the Christ, that he was not abandoned to Hades, nor did his flesh see corruption.
32] This Jesus God raised up, and of that we all are witnesses.
You need to understand that when we’re baptized we become another Christ. And when we are truly like Christ we may even do extraordinary miraculous things as with Christ. This is what St Paul meant when he said, “ it is no longer I that live but Christ lives in me” I know that I am the most imperfect replica of Christ but some people are very close to the goal of becoming like Christ and they do extraordinary deeds. The first incorruptible found was St Cecilia who died a martyr in 177AD. She was discovered many centuries later. These incorruptibles are always the most extraordinarily good Christians and when the coffins are opened they exude the scent of sanctity – a sweet smell which I think stays ( they never smell bad in any case ) and is a further sign from God of their extraordinary holiness. No half baked christians are incorruptible. You need to understand a little catholic theology to know why these select few are apparently better than other Christians. When we’re baptized we receive grace. This grace is a strange thing. It’s hard to understand. It’s a part of God and yet a created thing. But there cannot be a created piece of God. Our languages are inadequate to explain some things. We can never receive too much grace. The potential for receiving grace is infinite. Every time we respond to Gods will and do good acts we receive more grace. The more grace we receive the more we become like God. This grace transforms us into Jesus and the more we receive the more we become like Jesus. We lose grace through sin, but we get it all back by


repenting. If a person doesn’t sin much at all and does many good deeds and Gods will they get more and more grace. People who are the very best Christians receive extraordinary amounts of grace and it keeps rapidly multiplying. They become very much like Christ and often do super human deeds for God. Some have raised people back to life too. The incorruptibles are amongst the select few people who made the most progress in the hunt for Christian perfection. They became more like Christ than any others. And like Christ God has preserved them from corruption.
One I love is St Francis Xavier who lived during the protestant reformation of the 16th century. This man went from town to town living in the bush and praying and doing severe penance by day and roaming through the town at night when all were asleep leaving notes under all the peoples doors. He converted many whole towns and cities of 30,000 or 50,000 people back to the church. He wrote quotes from the early fathers to show the people that the catholic church was practicing the Christianity of the first Christians until now. It obviously had a big impact back then. People thought the catholic church had strayed from the true faith. No ordinary man can do what he did. Even if I left all these notes it would have a small effect. As the good book says the prayers of the just man are very powerful. The just man is a very holy man. The holier the more powerful your prayers and sacrifices. His were as powerful as you’ll see.
Read on and learn a little about some of your brothers and sisters in Christ – your Christian ancestors.
You can read about many of them at the Wikipedia and see pics -
A great site about them with some pics is
Re – Incorruptibles. ( I wrote this a while ago for someone )
I will do my best to explain why this is so.
The catholic and orthodox church has been here for just under 2,000 years. Today there are about 1,100,000,000 catholics and 500,000,000 orthodox Christians. ¼ of the worlds population is made up of us. There are no incorruptibles in the other Christian churches or in any other religion.
All incorruptibles are saints. The church has declared they are in heaven and are very virtuous people and practiced heroic virtue and are worthy of imitation by the rest of us. We see in them an achievable example of how to practice certain virtues to the empth. Jesus is perfect and the model for all, but the example of His heroes is often easier to follow. We are inspired by the teaching and example of many people throughout our lives – Saints and especially incorruptible are the finest examples we can find of how to live the Christ life. The process of becoming a saint can only happen after you die. If a person has the process started it is called the cause for their canonization. If this cause is started the church sets up a tribunal and has one person argue against the cause and another argue for the cause. The subjects whole life is examined in great detail and a tribunal listens to all the arguments to see if the person is worthy to have their cause started. The current process has been going for many centuries. If the cause is started the person is declared venerable. The first stage in the process. The process used to take a long time- 50,100 or100’s of yrs. It’s getting quicker now due to technology and fast travel etc. . Once the person is declared venerable the church will wait to see if there is at least one genuine miracle in the world from anyone asking this person to pray for them or someone. If there is a miracle then the church absolutely thoroughly explores it to be sure it’s a genuine miracle and employs independent scientists and doctors to see if there is any way of


explaining the supposed miracle. The church is very slow to accept that something is a genuine miracle. The miracle must be permanent too. Not just a few days like we see on some Christian TV shows where people get miracles and then their back in the wheelchair the next day. The church waits for this miracle as a sign that the person is in heaven and that god declares they are deserving of the title blessed. If the miracle is approved they are declared blessed. The church will then wait for another miracle and go through the same process and if there is a miracle the church declares the person a saint. So, to become a saint god must testify to your holiness or sanctity by granting miracles when people ask for your prayers once your in heaven. God is the miracle worker. That there are so many miracles that are unexplainable by science is a proof that god exists.
There are about 10,000 saints in the church. That is the one’s who have been recognized and canonized. There have only been about 400 of these found to be incorruptible. There has probably been 5 billion catholics and orthodox, I really have no idea how many but it must be a lot by now. So out of 5,000,000,000 we only find 400 incorruptibles for arguments sake.
Death and corruption are the consequence of sin. We were never meant to die. Hard to believe maybe. But it’s true. Saints are very extraordinary people. They are the absolute best of the church. Held up as an example of how to be a Christian to the rest of us. They were extraordinarily good and virtuous. When it comes to the incorruptibles you get the very best of the saints. We are talking about people who probably never committed a mortal sin in their life. The rest of us sin all the time. It’s way beyond the ability of virtually everyone to be as good and virtuous as these incorruptibles. They are incorrupt because god does not want them punished with corruption. They are incorrupt as a sign that they are just asleep awaiting the last day when Jesus will come again for the final judgment at the end of the world when all men will come back from the grave and be sent to heaven or hell with their body and soul reunited. They are incorrupt to strengthen the faith of believers. They are incorrupt to help unbelievers believe. They are incorrupt to verify which is the true church of god.
If the catholic church was the one church god founded himself that does not mean other churches are no good or god does not love them too and hear their prayers. Quite the contrary. We know that god loves all and as Jesus said he has sheep which are not of this fold. All men benefit from the catholic church though, in terms of grace mainly.Without the grace of God the world would fall into anarchy and depravity real quick and man would not last long. We can do nothing good without Gods grace. But also in millions of ways. What would the world be like without the catholic church. No New Testament and no confirmation of which books of the bible were inspired by God, no western civilization with the benefit of Christian influence, hardly any schools, universities, orphanages. Hospitals. We would not have the largest charitable organization in the world – larger than all other charities put together. I shudder to think of what the world would be like. It would be terrible. There would be no Christians at all. That’s a terrible thought alone.

Take a look at the links. And be assured that if these incorruptible were fake we’d know asap because there are millions of people in the world who devote much of their lives trying to disprove catholic teaching and to disprove any doctrine at all. The incorruptibles are not a part of church teaching but if proved false it’d be pretty bad. Private revelations are not part of church teaching such as when Angels, Mary or Saints appear to people etc.If anyone can disprove a single teaching by a pope then they’ve proved the catholic church a farce. Millions have tried and couldn’t. No church has so many people who hate her and know they can destroy her by disproving one doctrine. Bishops and priests err but no pope ever has and there’s been 264 of them since St Peter. This is another miracle. It’s the Holy Spirit who is infallible in reality. He protects the popes from teaching any errors on matters of faith or morals. They are still sinners but teach what is true. I thought I should clarify that bit.

You can see eucharistic miracles here too -


If you want you can check my website and go to the page - inherit eternal life. It’s written all about what you want I think. Not the miracles, but the proofs from reason , philosophy and theology etc.

Be sure to put your video on youtube and tell us so we can see it.:thumbsup:


Hey guys, here’s the finished product!:

Let me know what you think!

And thank you to everyone who posted for their help. I needed it!


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