Can someone reccomend good fiction by a Catholic or containing pro-Catholic teaching themes?


Lord of the Rings


Harry Potter (yes, it’s true,

I’m picking up The Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe today or tomorrow, (supposed to have Catholic themes) but if someone could make some recommendations (preferably fantasy) that would be fantastic

You can order three really good Catholic fiction novels from the following link:

I think they charge you $1 each for shipping. Otherwise, they’re free!

(Read 'em in order, because they’re all related one to the other.)

Well, I like the Odd Thomas series from Dean Koontz. Great novels, by a Catholic, about a Catholic, who holds to Catholic Values (pretty much).

I like Michael D. O’Brien’s novels. They are all published by Ignatius Press:’brien

Flannery O’Connor


What’s your age group?

There is obviously The Little Prince
Little Women (not fantasy but heavy on Christian themes)
Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Paradise Lost

Hope that this helps

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I’m 18, 19 in a few months

Try Dante’s Divine Comedy. It’s challenging, but will worth the extra studying. It really shows what it was like to be a Catholic in 14th Century Florence, and Dante was an amazing writer with fantastic vision and wisdom.

Thank you for suggesting this, poor clare! A great poem. You could easily commit parts of it to memory. Enjoy!
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Try This site has reviews for the books as well.

G. K. Chesterton
Flannery O’Connor -
Ralph McInerny
Hilaire Belloc
Evelyn Waugh
Graham Greene,
Dean Koontz
William F. Buckley, Jr.
J. R. R. Tolkien
Gerard Manley Hopkins


Thank you, GloryBe, for the link. I have it in my favourites and look forward to browsing it in more depth.
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Pierced by a Sword

I haven’t read it yet, but a friend highly recommended it to me yesterday.

Does anyone else see the irony in this post? Its very witty.


Speaking as an English Lit student, I think its far more interesting to not discriminate about what book you read based on beliefs of the writer/intentions etc. and then see what the Catholic twist you put on it is.

That is definately once approach.

Yet I think about back in the day of Jules Verne and his 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. I read it and parts of it (notable the endless descriptions of flora and fauna) bored me to tears. But back then when one read a book, they read it not only for the story and the message but also to learn something.

Put that spin on it and the OP might want to have a good story but also learn about his/her faith.

Definitely. This book is great and has lots of different Catholic ideas/themes. It helped me go back to confession after a time away.

I’d also recommend Bud MacFarlane’s other books (e.g. Conceived Without Sin, House of Gold) as well, although Pierced by a Sword was by far my favorite.

I’m gonna have to second that suggestion of Flannery O’Connor. She was a devout Catholic. I heard that each night before bed she would read from the Summa. On top of that, her stories are very well written and rich with Catholic symbolism and teachings. A lot of the secular literary community praises her works, and they (often) don’t even interpret it correctly in a Catholic light. Her short stories take time to digest, but once you pick them apart you see how much of a genius she was.

Check out Sophia Institute Press ( for a number of fabulous Catholic fiction and non-fiction books. My nieces and nephews are all hooked on the “John Paul II High” series (geared toward teens, but I liked them, too!)

Any of Louis de Wohl’s novels on the saints… start with “The Spear”!

Marcus Grodi (of Coming Home Network) wrote a novel entitled “How Firm a Foundation” which is excellent!

For a classic: “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” by Betty Smith (my all-time favorite book!)

More secular novels:

Mary Higgins Clark’s romantic suspense novels

Aimee and David Thurlo’s “Sister Agatha” mystery series

James Patterson’s “Detective Michael Bennett” series (WARNING: very violent and gritty, but with an unmistakable Catholic flavor!)

I realize that the OP asked specifically for Fantasy.

But since others are now chiming in with recommendations that are not fantasy, I hope it’s OK to plug my novels.

See the website in my signature for titles and excerpts. The third novel is all about the Holocaust, specifically about the White Rose Society, a resistance movement in Germany that had decidedly Catholic origins.

My novels aren’t necessarily just for girls–the “hero” in the novels is a very fine Catholic man! Besides, men figure skate, too. (My husband is a National medalist.)

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