Can someone receive the sacrament of marriage before baptism?

A Catholic and a non-christian want to get married. The non-christian enters into the RCIA process. Before finishing the course he is told that he should get married before the Easter Vigil ( ie: before getting Baptized ). I thought Baptism is needed in order to receive all other sacraments. Is this correct?

I’m unsure why the nonChristian individual was told they “should get married before the Easter Vigil.” There may be circumstances at work that are very particular to their situation. However, that aside, it is always possible for two persons to enter into marriage. If one of them is not baptized then the marriage is not considered a sacrament but rather is considered a “natural” marriage. So if they are married in the Church before the nonChristian is baptized, they will have a valid but not sacramental marriage. Once the nonChristian becomes baptized, however, his marriage automatically becomes a sacramental marriage (assuming the other spouse is baptized).

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