Can someone tell me what the big deal is with Hell's Kitchen?

Ok, to be fair, I’ve never seen the show, but the commercials alone make me never want to watch it.

The chef guy is always yelling, throwing things, threatening to hit the competing chefs and acting like a lunatic.

All that rage is such a turnoff! Why would anyone watch it? The chef is going to have an aneurysm one of these days.

Does anyone here watch it? If so, whyyyyyyyyy???

Like you, I find all the lunatic to be a complete turnoff and thus don’t watch the show either. But I would guess that it’s the same sort of thing that makes people want to watch Jerry Springer or any of the other shows where chaos seems to reign. Maybe it’s a chance to see that other people’s lives are more messed up than our own…:shrug:

I can see why people would be put off by Hells Kitchen. Gordon Ramsay had another show before that that was quite good, called Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares. He would help out a restaurant that was in dire straits, financially and otherwise. He really is a genius and he would turn a failing restaurant into a success in a few short weeks. If you get the chance watch it, it is quite entertaining. And I do find Ramsay quite vulgar at times, but funny.

I love cooking shows, but I won’t watch this one. I hate displays of temper and I hate people who are screamers. Was married to one and it left me scarred.

Having worked in the restaurant industry for quite some time, I find Hell’s Kitchen entertaining. It’s not as good of a cooking competition show as Top Chef on Bravo, but it is a more realistic exposition of the chaos that can erupt in the kitchen.
The only beef I have with the show is that they must pick people that are either under qualified or whose personalities they know will cause major conflict because it is rare that a “team” can get service done well if done at all.
Also, from my experience in the industry, all executive chefs are abrasive to one degree or another. Ramsey may have a legendary temper, but its only legendary because he’s chosen to be on TV. This does not make chef’s bad people, but the kitchen really is a pressure cooker. Mix high stress, short time frame and exacting standards, and you’re bound to blow from time to time. For example, take Ramsey’s demeanor on Hell’s Kitchen when he is off on a reward trip with the winning team. He seems like a nice enough fellow, when he’s not in the kitchen.

My husband, a chef, tells me that Ramsey is a lightweight compared to some of the chefs he’s had to work under in the past!

This is a good assessment of the show. My DH is a chef, also, and he says that Ramsey is nothing compared to some of the chefs he’s had to learn and work under.

Though my DH does not watch the show as much, I watch it coz I’m admittedly a reality-show junkie…

You are spot on with this. On a reward jaunt, he is engaging and charming and appears rather funloving.

I love the show. He must be tough on the competitors becuase the prize is big - and will eventually reflect on his image. The prize is to run the kitchen of one of his new restaurants.

I do wonder about the candidates -though I know they are partly selected for TV titilation.

I love the show, part of Ramsey’s temper tantrums are what makes the show. It is just entertainment you can’t really take him serious. Actually if you whatch him in any of his others shows, or even in Hell’s Kitchen the guy is a great judge of character and human nature. I read several articles that said the people who work for him in his restaurants, in London and other places just love him. I think he is funny!

I find this post very insulting, I love the show, I do not like the Jerry Springer show it is quite disgusting. So no it it not the same sort of thing! Gordon Ramrey is a very intelligent man and a highly respected one. Because you do not wish to watch the show does not means that those who do are beneath you!

I think you took that post the completely wrong way. I think it’s obvious what the difference is between Hell’s Kitchen and Jerry Springer. However, they have one thing in common, raw emotion, and people like to see that.

Hell’s Kitchen is like any other show that one favors. If it’s not your liking, then so be it.

The OP can pose the same question about any show and the devotees and dissenters will all show up.

This same question has been asked of the Simpsons, Everyone Loves Raymond, MASH, Dancing with the Stars, and any other hit show.

Though it’s probably wise to not insult each others preferences. That is why we all have viewing options, no?

I caught part of a show a long time ago and thought the idea for the show was great ( I love cooking shows too) but the screaming guy I just don’t get and that made me turn him off and havn’t turned it on since…:whacky:


Gordon Ramsay is a fantastic chef and has a mind for the restaurant business. However, Hell’s Kitchen hypes the drama and fighting. His UK show, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, is actually very good and shows less fighting and more of the process of helping a failing restaurant. You’ll have to excuse that the names are not properly underlined, but the function doesn’t seem to be working properly.

My husband likes it, because he has always been an aspiring chef…lol But, over the time it’s been on, he has also been turned off with the excessive yelling and bleeped out profanity.

No wonder everything turns out burnt or undercooked…I’d be a nervous wreck if I had someone shouting in my ear, as I’m trying to cook!

Supposedly, some of the top restaurant chefs in the world, have similiar behavior when they get a packed restaurant.:shrug: I don’t envision Emeril acting this way, though.:dts:

Nate is spot on, restaurant kitchens are absolute pressure cookers. The worlds greatest chefs often have the shortest tempers. As a chef in training I can attest to this, if 50 customers show up all at once things get crazy.

And according to my chef instructor at school the temper thing with Ramsey is somewhat exaggerated for television. Its what people expect out of a reality show. And to a point what they expect out of chefs.

And as for Emeril and losing his temper…well I won’t get into that alot of people like Emeril.

My apologies…I certainly didn’t mean to insult anyone. I just don’t personally understand the appeal. I have some good friends who are into the whole reality show thing (including Jerry Springer) and I don’t think any less of them…I simply don’t agree with their tastes.

He just yells BAM and people think he just shot them.


I LOVE this show! It really does help if you see the episodes of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. You can see how much he cares and how much he wants to help the people with failing restaurants. He is very family oriented. Has four children I think and a beautiful wife. He actually is very caring and compassionate.

I think Hell’s Kitchen is hilarious. Some of those people need to be yelled at! I’d yell too. lol.

It also helps if you know someone British. I can’t believe how much better I know how to take Gordon Ramsay from having a British husband. It all makes much more sense than if I went into it cold. No my husband doesn’t carry on like that although I’m sure he could given the right situation. lol. Gordon is also very funny but it is a humor that if you don’t know exactly what the British mean by certain things, it would just fly over your head. I really enjoy him.

Gordon came from a very hard childhood. His autobiography is out and he has really come from nothing and made an amazing life for himself and his family.


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