Can someone translate this

Can someone translate this into English for me? It is from the 1917 code of canon law.

Thank you

Can 2264. Actus iurisdictionis tam fori externi quam fori interni positus ab excommunicato est illicitus; et, si lata fuerit sententia condemnatoria vel declaratoria, etiam invalidus, salvo praescripto can. 2261, §3; secus est validus, imo etiam licitus, si a fidelibus petitus sit ad normam mem. can. 2261, §2.

Can 2265 §1. Quilibet excommunicatus:
1º Prohibetur iure eligendi, praesentandi, nominandi;
2º Nequit consequi dignitates, officia, beneficia, pensiones ecclesiasticas aliudve munus in Ecclesia;
3º Promoveri nequit ad ordines.
§2. Actus tamen positus contra praescriptum §1, nn. 1, 2, non est nullus, nisi positus fuerit ab excommunicato vitando vel ab alio excommunicato post sententiam declaratoriam vel condemnatoriam; quod si haec sententia lata fuerit, excommunicatus nequit praeterea gratiam ullam pontificiam valide consequi, nisi in pontificio rescripto mentio de excommunicatione fiat.

I found a website where the following was stated:

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Interesting there doesn’t appear to be an English translation of the 1917 Code online. :shrug: There are books available that are English translations of it. Maybe get in touch with your nearest Catholic schools, seminaries, universities or your local diocesan office and see if any of them have it.

There were some legality issues with any of its translations. Don’t forget, however, most Catholics in that era didn’t have too many problems understanding the Latin; otherwise I would think there would have been more outcries for a translation. Then again, maybe it was so strict no one really wanted a translation. :slight_smile:

It’s mostly a moot point anyway, though. The Canon Law of 1983 is the current Law of the Church, having been drawn up over a period of some 20-30 years.

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