Can someone who rejects Christ be saved?

If someone has heard of Christ and still does not believe, is it save to assume that they are “condemned already” for not believing in Christ?

I have heard Catholics say that someone can. But this does not seem to be the teaching of the New Testament or the historic church.

Thank you,


Dear Mel,

To simply have heard of Christ is not to have been given the gift of faith in Christ. If someone has been given the gift of faith in Him and then chooses to forfeit that gift, then he will lose his salvation if he doesn’t repent. But to simply know of Christ without having been given the gift of faith is not to be automatically condemned.

It is most important to recognize here that we are dealing with the interior life which is not observable on the outside. Only God knows the state of His relationship with each person.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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