Can The Angels & Saints Read Our Thoughts?

The question if demons can read our thoughts has been firmly answered no in this website

What about the angels and saints? After all demons are fallen angels. Why would the good angels be able to read our thoughts and demons not? Someone is going to say because God permits them to…

Ditto the answer in the other thread: No.

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Huh are you saying the angels and saints cannot read our thoughts? Then what’s the use of closed lipped prayers?

God knows our hearts and our prayers. We do not know precisely how, as we are incapable of knowing - being mere creatures. The Archangels (Book of Tobit) and Saints (Revelation 5), carry our prayers to the throne and present them to the Father. This we know specifically.

Personally, one of the most powerful prayer experiences I have ever known involved not a single word. Just tears before Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. It was that occasion in which I specifically received the consolation of the Holy Spirit. Words cannot describe it.


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