Can the Baker, the Florist, the Photographer, and the Clerk Win?

Conservative Christians have told judges that providing services for same-sex weddings violates their religious freedom. So far, courts in Colorado, Ohio, Oregon, and Kentucky have disagreed with them.

Can the wedding service providers eventually win in court? Here’s how experts weighed in. Answers are arranged on a spectrum from “yes” answers at the top to “no” answers at the bottom.

I’ll be interested to see what happens when such a case eventually makes it to the Supreme Court. While I think wedding vendors should be able to follow their conscience in these matters, I can see how the courts might view their role differently from the role of a minister officiating at the ceremony.

They have already won, just because an idiot in black robes says differently doesn’t really mean much in ultimately saying who won.

Indeed. One must be clear what is meant by “winning.” Victory in the courts is hardly the same thing as victory in the eyes of God.

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