Can the church take away someone’s sainthood after canonization?


Is it possible to take away someone’s canonization?


He’s my confirmation saint :frowning:


Aren’t canonizations considered infallible?

If that were to be found, though, it would probably just make this whole situation worse from a media standpoint. It would offer us, as Catholics, some interesting discussion points, though.


No. Please don’t make such suggestions. He was a very holy man, and he’s long dead. And, I mean, honestly, who cares? Popes often make difficult decisions under prudential judgement, and one needs good reason to take action. That man did more for the Church than anyone on this forum. He deserves more than this.


I truly believe he’s a saint


I’m asking a theoretical question if the church can do it


No, they’re not. Most theologians consider them to be, but that is not a de fide position.


Then put it theoretically in your title.


No, canonizations are infallible. Whether or not JPII knew does not detract from his sainthood, saints are not perfect beings.


Meh, it’s clear I’m not suggesting that the church do it but if the church could


No, that’s not an opinion we have to hold. I can direct you to Denzinger (if memory serves) to prove this.


On the contrary, it’s not at all clear. It’s a very loaded question.


It’s clear to me


Not to me. If you wished to make this hypothetical, you should have asked what you have put in the text, rather than the question placed in the title. Completely unnecessary.


Changed it


Thank you. Now you should get some convincing answers.


Didn’t something happen to st Christopher and people stopped wearing his medals? Am I mistaken


He wasn’t ‘decanonised’ or anything. Rather, he was, disgracefully, removed from the calendar. Very sad case. :frowning:️ How dare people contradict centuries of tradition just because ‘there’s no evidence someone existed?’ People have been benefiting from his intercession for centuries. This happens all too often these days.


I wear a four way medal with him on it and I’m glad he’s there.


Well, that’s a very worthy practise. I, for one, am very fond of St. Philomena, even if she’s not ‘officially canonised’ (though it’s a very different case, of course.) Whatever her name and story was, and whether she was a martyr or not, her bones have dozens of attributed miracles. This sort of thing is scary though. I mean, who next? There’s little ‘good evidence’ for St. Patrick. Except they know they’d be a riot if they touched that.

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