Can the devil be in more than one place at the same time?


I would think that it isn’t possible for him to be in more then one place at a time because only God is like that. Being that 1/3 of the angels fell, are all these fallen angels simply called the devil? Do evil spirits have a hierarchy? I would think they are individualistic because of their pride yet they are found to clump together like ‘legion’ whom were sent to the pigs by Jesus. If a/the devil is tempting me into sinning, then he isn’t tempting someone else. Not that that matters in the least because God won’t let anyone be tempted beyond what they can bare. So I shouldn’t worry too much about the devil(s) prowling around looking for souls to devour.

And then satan is locked in the bottomless pit till the the end of the new testament. Does that mean he has yet to be put into hell? meaning he isn’t in the lake of fire yet?


Then the Lord said to the devil: “Tell me what you feel in your heart and how you like this great love I have for her.” The devil replied and said: "I have two eyes, one of them corporeal, although I am not corporeal, by means of which I perceive temporal things so clearly that there is none so hidden or so dark that it can hide itself from me. The second eye is a spiritual one with which I see every pain no matter how slight and can understand to which sin it pertains. There is no sin so tenuous and slight that I do not see it, unless it has been purged by penance. However, although there are no organs more sensitive than the eyes, still I would much rather have two burning torches uninterruptedly penetrate my eyes than for her to see with the eyes of her spirit.

I also have two ears. One of them is corporeal, and no one speaks so privately that I do not hear and know it with this ear. The second is a spiritual ear, and no thinks of or aims at any sin, be it ever so hidden, that I do not hear it with this ear, unless it has been blotted out by penance. There is a certain punishment in hell that is like a bubbling torrent, streaming out of a terribly hot fire. I would rather suffer this to flow in and out of my ears with out cease than that she should hear anything with the ears of her spirit. I also have a spiritual heart. I would let it be ceaselessly cut to pieces and constantly renewed to be punished again just in order for her heart to grow cold in your love. But, now, since you deal straightly, let me ask a question for you to answer me: Tell me, why do you love her so much, and why did you not choose someone holier, richer, and prettier for yourself?" The Lord answered: "Because that is what justice demanded. You were created in me and beheld all justice in me.

Tell me, while she is listening, why it was just that you fell so far and what you were thinking when you fell!" The devil answered: “I saw three things in you: I saw your glory and honor above all things, and I thought about my own glory. Hence I was determined in my pride not merely to be equal to you but even greater than you. Second, I saw that you were the most powerful of all. Hence I longed to be more powerful than you. Third, I saw what was to be in the future and, since your glory and honor were without beginning and would be with out end, I envied you and thought that I would gladly be tortured forever with all manner of harsh punishments if only you could die. With such thoughts I fell. And in that way hell was created.”

The Lord answered: “You asked me why I love this woman so much. Assuredly, it is because I change all your evil into good. Since you became proud and did not want to have me, your Creator, as an equal, therefore, humiliating myself in every way, I gather sinners to myself and make myself their equal by sharing my glory with them. Second, since you had so base a desire that you wanted to be more powerful than I, therefore I make sinners more powerful than you and sharers in my power. Third, because of your envy toward me, I am so full of love that I offered myself up for everyone.” Then the Lord said:

“Now, devil, your heart of darkness has been shown in the light. Tell me, while she is listening, how I love her.” And the devil said: “If it were possible, you would readily suffer in each and every limb the same pain you once suffered on the cross in all your limbs together, rather than lose her.” Then the Lord answered: “If I am so merciful, then, that I do not refuse pardon to anyone asking for it, ask me humbly for mercy yourself, and I will give it to you.” The devil answered him: “That I shall do by no means! At the time of my fall, a punishment was established for every sin, for every worthless thought or word. Every spirit that has fallen will have his punishment. But rather than bend my knee before you, I would rather swallow all the punishments myself, as long as my mouth can open and shut in punishment and be forever renewed to be punished again.” Then the Lord said to his bride: “See how hardened the prince of the world is and how powerful he is against me thanks to my hidden justice! I could certainly destroy him in a second by means of my power, but I do no more harm to him than to a good angel in heaven. When his time comes, and it is now approaching, I shall judge him and his followers. So, my bride, persevere in good works! Love me with your whole heart! May you fear nothing but me! For I am the Lord over the devil and over everything in existence.”

The Revelations of St. Bridget


(Rev. 12: 7–9). There isn’t just one devil but many. Devils were angels until they rejected God and were cast out when St Michael the Archangel led the two thirds of the angels, the good angels, against the third of the angels who chose evil. You are perhaps thinking of Satan who was once Lucifer before ‘he’ chose to become evil. Lucifer (or Satan) was the leaded of the rebellious angels who bevame devils. By rejecting God’s love and goodness they became without love or beauty, and resent our right to go to heaven. It helps to remember that there are many more good angels than evil ones (devils),


Yes, because he is a spiritual entity not constrained by physical limitations. Space is a material concept.


In the biography of St. Gemma, Fr. Germano states that the vast majority of us are not actually attacked by the Devil (Lucifer) but by the many demons under his command. He goes on to say that the Devil in particular only harasses those who are exceptionally holy, like truly great saints, often going so far as to physically assault them! This is because so many of us, unfortunately, have not turned our backs on sin completely so the Devil needs to only send out his “henchmen” in order to reel us in; whereas, the saints, who have turned their back on sin, are a cause for his irritation and aggravation.


No my friend,

Lucifer and the demons are created beings with their respective angelic powers but they are restrained by God as to the exercise of that power.

Demons can be said to “be” in a certain place when they act in that place. But they are neither here nor there as existing in a location.


St. Thomas says that angels have locations, and that they have single locations, they cannot be in two places at once. God has by miracles sometimes let people be in two places at once, but it is always clear that He has interceded especially.

The devil does not receive such help. Thus, even the devil is only in one place, however that does not mean he is also not effectively everywhere. Why is this?

There are several reasons. First he was created to have a certain nature and purpose, and by nature it appears to be something that has certain natural abilities such as to oversee a great deal at once. Also that is evil is within his power or authority and so within his sphere of awareness. When you commit a sin, the Devil knows the details, and he and his servants can use it against you henceforth, except in the case of God’s intervention – All actions of the Devil and demons are constrained generally by God, but also allowed to a certain except because of justice.

Every sin of man places a man under the authority of the devil in that sin because of justice. His lesser demons, who are so many as to be more than all existing mankind, are all under his authority and report to him and do his will to their ability.

Some of the fallen angels are in Hell, and some are in the atmosphere to tempt and torment men here in this life instead of punish them in the next.

There’ve been prophecies as to regarding how restrained Satan is, and whether he has at times roamed free out of Hell, or remained within. I gain the impression from prophecies he has at times been allowed more or less leeway to go out and punish men.

In the sense that Hell is separation from God, all fallen angels are in Hell, but Hell is also a real location, and sometimes the fallen angels are chained there, sometimes they are not.

The common role of the Devil and demons is to tempt, and to keep men in sin. Men who live relatively happy, complacent lives while living in sin, can then be assured they are on the road to Hell, because the Devil, who has so many servants and desires all souls for Hell, does not even bother to do anything about them. On the other hand, those who are truly pursuing God, inevitably encounter the enemy and are subject to spiritual temptations and attacks, which if they do not sufficiently overcome, will also see them in Hell.


There is another reason.

Demons, and all other celestial beings, are not subject to our understanding of time. A demon can do many things seemingly simultaneously, because they can travel here to there instantaneously, but in the end, they are created beings subject to the limitations of their creation. They cannot do anything beyond the power of an angel. They are what they are and nothing more.


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