Can the devil do things without Gods permission?

Like pretend to be the Angel Gabriel and send messages to Mohammed and create a totally false religion? Having studied Islam it clearly shows demonic influences, denying Jesus Christ and just gets more violent the more you read the Koran.

In a word, no. If the devil could do anything without God’s permission, this world would be worse off than it is.

Nothing can occur without God either allowing it or causing it.

Im not educated in this topic nor do I know the churched teaching on this But i do not like
how this seems

God never wills evil
God might (i do not know) allow devils to tempt
YET!! he also gives more than enough GACE to over come then ALL THE TIME!!!

There will always be temptation and evil, but the Devil will never be more powerful than God. The only power is what people give it. To ask if the Devil needs permission, is a different way of putting it, but I think evil exists without permission, just was murder, rape, and violence. It’s called “Free will” and God gave each of us this privilege. What we do with it is not up to him nor is his will.

Let us think about this here too and reasearch what the church teaches
Does not God give us enough grace to overcome all temptations all evil?

I really don’t know but I firmly believe, that at least for some things, that satan needs to get God’s permission.

OK so he allowed the Devil to turn into Angel Gabriel and deny Jesus was lord? And thus Islam was born? Help I’m confused-.

Read Job. Here was a story about satan going up to God, and God saying, “Have you seen my servent Job?” Satan’s reply was that Job was only good because of how many blessings God had given him. That if he were tested, Job would probably turn away. So, God allows the devil to test him, but not be able to take Job’s life. In this case, satan needed God to allow it, which actually proved that Job was righteous because he didn’t turn his back on God, and praised him anyway.

I hope that makes sense. It would be better to read it on your own. There’s a lot to the story, but I think is shows that evil and the like will touch our lives at some time, in some way. We will be tested, but the devil can’t take our lives. Of course, there’s suicide, which is a whole different story.

God’s permissive will is not the same as His ordained will. He permits things to be so, but it does not mean that He strictly wills it in an active sense. So yes He allowed Islam to be created, as well as other demonic religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism and the like, and yes these religions deny Jesus. But that does not mean that He willed these religions to exist.

I hope that makes sense.

In Judaism, it is not thought that HaSatan or any of the angels have free will; only humans have this and therefore only they are able to act contrary to the will of G-d. I believe the Church says otherwise although not in relation to demonic influences on Islam.

Human beings are capable of committing horrendous acts of evil, and because of our gift of free will God does not intervene to prevent this. Surely Satan also has the gift of free will?

However on Islam, we are bound by CCC841 which states, “The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and** together with us they adore the one, merciful God**, mankind’s judge on the last day.”

To hold a view that Muslims do not adore the same God as we do is to hold a heretical view which is contrary to the teaching of our Church.

Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism: do you believe all of these religions are demonic? Why not include Judaism, which also denies Jesus, and throw in Mormonism, J-hovah’s Witnesses, Quakerism, and the many branches of Protestantism, which, as a whole, is heretical? Does a false religion necessarily mean a religion is demonic?

If you know about Christianity and you know about Islam, I think it is very compelling how the religion seems to be designed to be a rival to Christianity. I think the claims that Islamic roots have demonic influence go beyond internet theory. There are many converts from Islam that share this view, including at least one member on this board, Khalid, that postulated this.

In the broadest sense, anything and everything outside of truth is going to be associated with demonic influences, but Islam is more unique in their deliberateness to counter the Catholic Church. You could draw the same parallels to the origins of protestantism, but even this movement was much less robust in their design to counter everything about Christianity, including Christ himself. Eastern, African, American, and aboriginal religions do not have this quality.

no he cannot do anything without God’s permission. God must allow it. Lucifer disguised
himself as an angel of light. So, it is absolutely important in all visions to ignore them
Discernment is needed. Also it is well to test the spirits. Even Mary did so with the
Angel Gabrielle. One can always ask the spirit a question like, do You believe that
Jesus Christ became man and is the Son of God and do you serve Him and only Him.

Through Thy Cross and Passion,
Good Lord Deliver Us

In my experience, converts from other religions often feel the need to put down their previous or initial religion with a lot of zeal. It’s similar to non-amicable divorce. There may be some truth to what converts state but, in my view, much of it is based on cognitive dissonance: that is, since they have invested so much time, energy, unpleasantness, and risk in the process of conversion, it would motivate the converts more that they made the right decision if they could convince themselves that their initial religion is false and even demonic.

I think this is putting the cart before the horse. There wouldn’t be a conversion in the first place if the person felt everything about the beliefs of their upbringing were peachy. The grievances precede the conversion.

Yet this claim is not shared by our Church. The Catechism clearly states that Muslims adore the same God as we do and that within God’s plan for salvation the Muslims have ‘first place’ amongst those who acknowledge the Creator.

Claiming that Islam is a ‘demonic’ faith is contrary to the teachings of our Church. As a Catholic, it is a heretical view to hold.

This is not correct. These two views are not incompatible with one another, however the view that Islam has aggressive roots against Christianity is not something that is (or ever will be) magisterially defined, because that isn’t the Magisterium’s job in the first place. The Magisterium preserve the truths of the faith. I recommend reading CAF’s book “Not Peace but a Sword” for a more thorough understanding on the divides between Islam and Christianity.

There are a great number of converts from Islam that hold this view, and it is not for reasons of paranoia. Nor do grievances against certain tenets of a faith entail a hatred against its followers. That is a conflation.

There may very well be grievances before conversion but these grievances do not cease after conversion; instead, they often intensify. That is where cognitive motivation in the form of dissonance kicks in, in the attempt to justify one’s decision and believe it is the correct one.

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