Can The Devil Steal Your Soul By Reading Your Mind?


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Here is a question that has been worrying me for years, if you said to yourself “the Devil can have my soul if he wants it” would he get it there and then?.How do people sell their souls to him?.Please understand I have NEVER EVER wanted to,I am so happy and glad to be a Catholic!!. I would like to hear your opinions on this as silly as it sounds, it bothers me.
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The devil cannot get your soul until you die. The idea of “selling your soul” is just as incorrect as the idea of Once Saved Always Saved. Even if you were to make a statement such you indicate, you could still repent before death and retrieve your soul.

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The devil is not omniscient, and therefore cannot hear your thoughts or read your mind.

The phrase “sell your soul to the devil” is an idiom. It means to do something bad/immoral/underhanded to obtain something.

A person who dies in unrepentent mortal sin will go to Hell. One may repent of any sin at any time before they die.


No, he cannot read your mind. He cannot “steal” your soul. Nobody can do that without your permission.

He can, however, have knowledge of sins that have not yet been forgiven in the Confessional and try to shame you with them in front of others. This has been documented in many exorcisms.


Would this include forgotten sins?


Not if you’ve been to confession, then they would have been forgiven. Only forgotten sins since your last confession.


As a species, we already sold our souls to the devil–it’s called the Fall. And Jesus bought us back with His Precious Blood–it’s called the Atonement. Our human nature has been united to the nature of God. Jesus has destroyed the power of death and hell for all human beings. So no such bargain with Satan has any validity any more. To be damned, you have to resist and reject God’s offer of forgiveness and new life up to and including the moment of your death.

If you think what I am saying is strange, I encourage you to read the treatise On the Incarnation by St. Athanasius (one of the greatest and most unimpeachably orthodox of the Church Fathers).



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