Can the mother and father be the godparents?



We are expecting a child within the next month. We would like to have her baptized right away. However we cannot find any suitable godparents.

My husband and I would like to either be the godparents of our child or forgo having any godparents for our child.

Can the parents be the godparents for their child? Are godparents necessary to have an infant baptized?:confused:

Thank You



Having the mother and father act as godparents defeats the whole point of having God parents. It is their duty to be responsible for the godchild’s religious up-brings, should the parents die or for some reason are not able to do it themselves.

I suggest that you ask your pastor help you find a good, practicing Catholic in the parish who be happy to fulfill this role for your child.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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