Can the same consecrated bread and wine be used for more than one Mass?

Can the Blessed Sacrament – the consecrated bread and wine – that is *left-over *during Mass (after parishioners have recived Holy Communion), be used for the very next Mass?

If it can (and assuming that what is left-over is not enough given the number of people who will be receiving, such that additional bread and wine must be concecrated), where is it placed/located during the moment in which consecration is taking place?

Any left over Sacred Blood should be consumed by the priest/deacon/emhc immediately after the communion rite.

The sacred body can be reposed in the tabernacle and used at the next mass. The priest would consecrate more bread,in order to accomodate and still have some to repose for emergencies.

The bread and wine to be consecrated during mass are put on the “credence table”.

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