Can the seal of the confessional be waived?

it says in the [news] articles…
Church law does not allow either the(penitent) or anyone else to waive the seal of confession.

But can. 983 §2 CIC says only the confessor and anybody else who witness the confession is bound under the seal of confession. Something like that… it does not say the Penitent is bound under the law resp. excommunication…
I wonder if the journalist in the article is wrong in pointing to the penitent as well:shrug:

You are correct that the seal of the confession does not extend to the one who confessed. It only binds the priest and anyone who overhears the confession. The penitent can talk about his/her confession as much as he/she wants.

What the press is discussing is the concept in the American legal system that someone can waive their rights. For example, a psychologist cannot reveal someone’s counseling sessions. However the individual can waive that right to privacy and the psychologist would then be permitted to testify about the details of those counseling sessions.

In the case of the sacrament of confession, canon law does not permit the penitent to waive the confidentiality of the confessional for the priest. The priest is *always *bound by the seal of secrecy of the confessional no matter what.

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