Can the soul exist without the body?


Will we have a body in Heaven?

I know the CCC asserts that the body and soul are one, but I’m not sure if this is absolute, and I know some of our Jewish brothers and sisters view the body and soul as being separate.


Anyone who dies before the Final Judgement will not have a body. Body and soul will be reunited at the Final Judgement.


the body and soul are separate. if they were not, the soul would die with the body. the soul continues after death, as Aristotle stated.



365 The unity of soul and body is so profound that one has to consider the soul to be the “form” of the body:[234] i.e., it is because of its spiritual soul that the body made of matter becomes a living, human body; spirit and matter, in man, are not two natures united, but rather their union forms a single nature.


The soul is a bit like a reservoir: or a connector: it is the connection between our bodies and God/Reality: the soul in Latin is the Anima: from whence we get the word: animation: the soul is that which animates the body: we are told by Aquinas that it is Aviternal: thence: we must say that the soul, once created: always exists: it is that which animates our body, which does so: by dancing with life, with God: and that which God directly interacts with: must always last: so far as it is spiritual.

The soul, our connector between God, our life’s constant, direct source, and our body: thereby exists with or without the body, seeming alive. Although simply saying it is Eternal, as the man: Aquinas: a doctor of the Catholic Church: does: is sufficient: to note: that it continues to exist with or without the “body”. One often senses a person’s presence at their grave. That said: the body is the manifestation of our soul. The soul is the interaction between God and our body. The reason we can still be destroyed or saved: is because the soul and the body are connected, just as the soul and god are connected. That said: the soul, is our entirety: body and soul, but it is also the life given our body: but in God, that life still exists: as said: the soul is our reservoir of life: which animates our body. Our mind is part of our body, not part of that invisible part of our soul.

That said: in truth: the soul and body are one: just as that part of something which is out of site, is as much part of it, as that within site. The soul and body are as intricately connected as a wave, and its water. they are one whole, not two separate parts. Like the magnetism between the moon, and the sea: is the soul!


All that is visible, is susceptible to change: I think, one should really ask: it what form does our body survive after death, and what is the body: that which manifests the soul?


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The definition of death is the soul leaving the body. The soul is immortal and goes on forever. Our body and soul will be reunited at the last day and we go to the place we’ve chosen - heaven or hell.:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Absolutely true. As a wave has ended: when the water stops vibrating.!


Actually if I recall correctly it was the Greek view that the body and soul were separate, with the soul essentially inhabiting the body, while the Jewish concept was of the two being indivisible.

Anyway what we believe from the faith - is that upon our deaths we will experience individual judgment in our souls and enter Heaven or Hell (or Purgatory-on-the-way-to-Heaven) while at the end of history we will all be rejoined with our resurrected bodies and experience final judgment and enter the New Jerusalem/New Earth or be cast into the eternal darkness/fire. (Keeping in mind that all words describing eternity are of necessity limited analogies as our brains and language are temporal and finite. . . )


In a born-again believer, there is a never-ending thirst for knowledge relating to the eternal aspects of life, which clearly makes one realize that eternal life can only be described as a process of eternal progression: that we will never reach a point of stagnation whereby there is nothing further to look forward to or to be excited about. It is frightening to realize that there are millions of precious people out there who show no interest in anything pleasurable that reaches beyond the temporary things that this physical world has to offer. Have they never read the words, or have these words simply never been sufficiently expounded to them in which God says, "Eye has not seen and ear has not heard, nor has it even entered into the heart of man, - the indescribably wonderful things that God has prepared for those who truly love Him." There is such a wealth of common-sense truth to be shared with those out there who seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that, God created Man to share in His eternal treasures as His Supernatural, Eternally joyful partners in bringing all men to a deep realization of his true origin, identity and indescribably wonderful destiny, as sons of God. The awesome Harvest is enormous, but the laborers are so desperately few. Is it not time that we, as very concerned Catholics, should be praying earnestly to our Father in Heaven to provide laborers from those of us who are willing to come out of the pews and start becoming really useful in spreading the Good News to our uninformed or uninspired brothers and sisters out there? Surely we do not want them to someday wake up to the fact that the Soul can in fact exist without a body, but that the real tragedy is when body and soul are indeed united together, but in eternal misery, - because nobody took the trouble to inform them of the true facts of life.


The body and soul can be separated but that would mean death. A soul without a body is a ghost and a body without a soul is a corpse.

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