Can This Christian Apologist be Acceptable by Catholics?

Here is the site of a Christian Apologist named James Patrick

As well

He is not a Catholic.But he is an apologist who defends Christianity from atheists.

I would like to ask if some of the things he uses to defend Christianity are acceptable to Catholics or not?

Here are a few examples of his understanding of specific verses of scripture to defend Christianity from the attackers:

''Exodus 3:7-8

The Lord said, I have come down to being them up out of the land into a land good and large, unto a land flowing with milk and honey. One Skeptic objects, “Far from being a land that might poetically be described as a land flowing with milk and honey, it is, and was within historic times, barren and desolate in the main. In size, it was a little larger than tiny Wales.” As any junior high history book will point out, Palestine was part of the fertile crescent. There is plenty of farmland, especially compared with many parts of the Middle East. As far as size, it was definitely spacious compared to the land of Goshen, where they were living at the time. It can’t have too bad if they had to drive out the Canaanites to get them to leave.’’

‘‘Exodus 24:9-11
Can God be seen, or not?’’

I would just like to know if some of the things he says to defend Christianity is acceptable and not contradictory to Catholic teachings.

I became familiar with some of his work when I did an article defending the Bible against accusations of contradictions. I never saw anything that he wrote that made me alarmed, and in fact I was very impressed with him. But as far as being acceptable to Catholics, if a Catholic has gotten to the point where they are defending the faith then they should be capable of identifying anything that JP Holding might be in error at. But if a Catholic is trying to be an apologist and is not capable of identifying anything that he is in error, then they need to spend more time learning Catholicism before trying to defend it against people who are trying to sabotage the faith. I like JP, and he has some great stuff. But always be extra careful with non-Catholic resources.

I’ve liked a lot of what I’ve seen of Dr. Frank Turek (“I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist”). As mentioned above, while you do need to be careful with non-Catholic sources, I think you can certainly look at the methods, presentation and techniques they use.

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